On the Subject of Quiplash

Finally, it actually makes sense.

Listed largely on the module is a 2 to 5-digit number, representing a prompt from the extensive table below.

To solve the module, follow the simple math listed below to get a number from 1-3 representing the correct button to push. (1 = left, 2 = right, 3 = "JINX")

  • Find the average number of vowels in each answer of the prompt and round down. For example, if the first answer had 3 vowels and the second answer had 6 vowels, you would get 4.5, or 4.
  • Divide this new number by 15, then multiply by 3. Round this total up, then modulo 3. This is your final number.


Find your prompt below using the numerical ID listed on the module.

ID Answers
101 beepers frenemies reasons to stay inside
102 Shhhh... only get the house salad Would you like to hear my mixtape? Run. RUN!!!!!
103 society a slippery banana peel a very average horse
107 Macebook Instaham UnlinkedIn
109 Ham-tootin' Flibbertigibbet Cod-dangit
127 a cozy caftan sandpaper shorts a frown
128 tiny stand-up comedian Nintendo 64 "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book
130 the enemy Gim-Gammy and Paul Dr. and Mrs. Charleston
148 gambler incinerator life coach
149 the first hoagie mindless small talk our ugliest ancestor
15 Invest in bonds Something interesting for once Make scrambled eggs
154 silos filled with jelly beans wear a three-piece suit on the tractor can't spit fer nuthin'
ID Answers
160 You're disgusting I thought what we had was special Why did you wet the bed so much?
162 Butter Loose Kale No Handwashing
18 niblets of corn crab meat candy canes
181 young feet fake meat what little lambs say
183 emotional baggage lukewarm dip loose firecrackers
189 cigarette butts socks with holes in them cherry pits
190 Wound dressing Decoupage Jet fuel
191 Pro-Capitalism Blank Math!
194 Easy Listening Fest Hot Meal-a-palooza Home by Eleven
196 hook 'em horns the human heart a military-issue flash grenade
200 Chonky Hypertensionetti Bucket
204 You're looking especially scaly today That's the widest jaw I've ever seen Hey baby, shake that rattle for me
209 real jerks whatwolves their younger selves
21 Barrels of oil selfies Press Secretaries
220 build his own gaming PC be emotionally available pull off overalls
23 Nachos Chronic anxiety The stuff Pringles are made of
244 a werewolf your dog in a second location
246 Beyblades perfecting his sourdough starter stamp collecting
249 the inventor of Poo-Pourri you, the viewer at home your future husband
ID Answers
250 the killer was let out early on good behavior Turns out the real monster was society Thank you for reading my cover letter
252 what do I feel like eating? what's my favorite color? why does the sun keep rising?
253 obnoxious earrings enjoying the hits of the '90s radical coasters
255 my hotter friend my raised standards ...actually it definitely is you
257 Count Dooku Mr. Peanut your dead pet
260 The Pain Train Farty Friends The Stinky Boyz
263 teeth keep falling out keep losing ability to fly you're sharing your bed with a wolverine
267 peep toe wedges an annulment a sequel
268 an all-seeing third eye smaller, worse bangs a tiny Bugs Bunny tattoo
27 Baby Gloomers Gen Why Willenials
271 my lower shoulders portable seat cushion Butty Booty Butt Butt
275 I agree with everything in this post I'm happy to be proven wrong! I don't have an opinion.
277 Garth Vadar Tabitha Hinkledorp Barry S. Runningfromthemafia
28 Existential Dread Stock Market Plain block of wood
296 The Tunnel of Making Love The Merry-Go-Down The Scrambler
309 Techy Emoji Bodhi
313 a terrible casserole falling down stairs more possible for a bad hair day
316 Say My Name Every Breath You Take Gangnam Style
32 kale chips celery carrots
ID Answers
323 White People Problems Codependent Relationships Two Nice Apartments
324 Jesus-shaped waffle iron "Miracle" hair growth oil Vatican timeshares
326 holding hands between two health inspectors ear play
336 a food court counter with no lines a normal person, for once someone about to get kicked out for nudity
341 fancy bugs caramels treasure maps
348 MVP Johnny Bad Feet Flip Flop
351 candy a horse too much gas
352 Our Home Is Legally Your Home Hello forever! Please take off your feet
353 cheek shingles hair squares facial swatch
359 tub was stolen big hole in wall where door should be had to share bed with bellhop
36 Heck's Angels The Mighty Karens The Bottle Brigade
360 Hole in one! I know game theory! Elvis is alive!
369 buy socks for fold into quarters locate in a crowded theater
372 armpits roadkill an infected wound
373 blobfish sticks of dynamite pots and pans
374 a set of encyclopedias a course on public speaking their uncle's stamp collection
382 ceramic clown masks sewer rats photos of total darkness
386 BEES! a million paperclips the deed to the ranch
391 boneless chicken wings smaller cacti pus
ID Answers
40 Cliffdiver Wanderer Rammer
407 the empty void of space unlikely animal friendships male pattern baldness
412 knick-knacks in the back fine behind less blunt than the front
415 Silent Ride Clown Cars Unlimited Cars with Wings
42 baba booey I wish I had gotten into more internet fights Hope God is hot
43 Loose handfuls of chili Edible-ish silica packets Haggis for a crowd
431 full of rage leaving past feeling emotions
441 May I feel your spine? You know, Dewy Decimal was my father. My love for you is no fiction
444 Pringles Loose grapes snakes
445 My water broke! I hope you didn't want this one back. What a buffet for me, the Jeans Eater!
50 made the class swear fealty to your kingdom conducted regular toy executions violated the Geneva Conventions
507 Basement Gaming Day Lonely Dive Bar Day Single 'n Loving It Day
510 Maybe Later Punk-tual Only Wednesdays
515 other people's bank accounts her motorcycle visible
525 That's Our Plato! Three Men and a Theorem Greek's Company
526 electric guitars hot sauce the snapping turtle
527 The Slow and the Serene Rambo's Porch Swing Spider-Man Quarantined at Home
53 hoo boy, I'm not doing too good, huh I'll see you in COURT I love being fooled! Hooray!
530 Stardew Valley Nintendoland World of Warcraft
ID Answers
532 chin topiary Sully from Monsters Inc Teddy Beard
533 Save the trees Insurance for introverts TP better for making mummies anyway
536 interior latex paint burnt toast exfoliation
538 The Influencer The Tiger King A Metaphor for Society
54 Pixar animator asking for time off bottle of massage oil laundry basket
540 Fun Enthusiast Animal Protector Gift Wrap Specialist
542 Mr. Roadkill Dean Destroya Mrs. Decepticon
545 your eyes your birthday cake your cousin
547 pavement brick patch of moss roadie for A Flock of Seagulls
548 Toms Stovetops Podiatrists
551 cable uninteresting people ear
557 Eau De Fedora Axe: Garbage Truck pure corn syrup
562 Medical Degrees Pants Border Collies
565 a second, smaller greenroom a way to make me feel whole again the biggest hoagie you've ever seen
566 Impotent Potables Alex Trebek's Favorite Jams Must Not Be Answered in Form of Question
57 Empty Promises Disappointment Unexpected late-night Amazon orders
572 marshmallows A very young elephant dinosaur gummies
574 a corpse a political campaign a bunny rabbit
58 smile get God's kid a b-day present buy eggs, milk, brimstone
ID Answers
581 Sponge friends Blood buddies Menstruation reclamations
582 Rent II: Mortgage Payment Guys & Dolls & Cops & Cowboys North Side Story
62 lunch meat breakup texts toilet paper
63 Some actually good advice The car A bag of loose mice
64 Delicious jelly filling nature wants us to lick babies Perfect seasoning in the womb
68001 Respect cookie ladder Upgrade Onesie to a Twosie
68005 Didn't I see you here last Sunday? What's your confirmation name? This is usually the only place I kneel
68014 Nothing but murder Escape Dating the cat
68016 not staying in your bowling lane impersonating police having a bad hair day
68024 sloppy joes plain tap water dinosaur nuggets
68029 Bob the Tapeworm GWAR The Man Who Will Kill Your Parents
68030 drunk away from their spouse a quick massage
68031 donkey organs helium regret
68033 chocolate cake my husband bubblegum
68037 Funky Dunking Mash 'n Splash Naked Pool Time
68042 Larry Seinfeld hunky chunk sloppy daddy
68043 day-old Doritos chronic depression gamer fuel
68045 weeping wet taco welding
68053 Only See in Magazines Leave Shortly After Arriving Need to Clean
ID Answers
68056 Freak You Out Bermuda Get What's His!
68072 Clorox good thoughts bees
68074 ignoring the metric system King Kong attacks Coca-Cola flavors
68076 impulsive spending habits dreams trunk contents
68081 standardized testing rom-coms a pint of rocky road
68087 return to 90s style cell phone ringtones free breadsticks at all restaurants National Online Troll Day
68097 banana splits eggplant emoji a la mode apple pie on occasion
68103 Reuben sandwich midnight buffet banana split
68108 khaki pants judgement Steely Dan
68121 winning bingo card a little extra ice cream Spongebob's phone number
68127 working at the car dealership regretting his choices his taxes
68131 pancake batter Young Face IPA balsamic vinegar
68174 my great aunt a cartoon cigarette my yoga instructor
68182 a smaller baguette a nest of baby snakes the cursed idol
68185 An anti-love protest At your wedding family reunion
68214 your radical brothers and rat dad delicious alligators law firm adjacent
68233 a nickel a classified ad lint
68274 a six pack of paper towels dinner for ten people the right to drive on the shoulder in rush hour
68278 Pasta Tweet your mother-in-law
ID Answers
68295 warm milk sport utility vehicles assassins
68298 sugar in water whiskey lasagna
68310 being late all the time cheese my college roommate
68339 underwear sounds tempting whispers rattlesnake
68369 stone cold silence about to be punched a speck of dust in the wind
68374 reattaching limbs repairing the ceiling juggling pianos
68375 Ensign Crunch ol' milk 'n spoon breakfast buddy
68405 multiple roosters throw bed out window ice cold underwear
68407 fur in the shower claw scratches on front door closet full of stolen picnic baskets
68419 big fat fish always salmon, always 7,000 french fries
68428 I'm lazy kidnapped by aliens who want to harvest my hair heard my ex is gonna be there
68430 BBQ-ing while wearing linen shorts swimming in pudding adopting a dog
68434 dance bad a one-way mirror
68436 a sustainable farm coal a body
68452 the submissive spoon the singles mixer leather oven mitt
68456 werewolves not enough light no vitamin D
68458 leg sleeves PANTS! clothing tubes
68459 the cute one most of my science class Biebs
68475 Is kicking allowed? I'm good at punches love your trunks!
ID Answers
68481 Endangered Chocolate Chip Sloppy Pigs sea anemone
68487 in a pile of snakes someone else's eye the ceiling
68492 yelling crying in the bathroom EDM
68494 charming a sea monster the newlyweds next door
68497 a giant ball of used underwear that alligator you flushed as a child a giant nut! (I'm allergic to nuts)
68507 Jimmy Buffett tunes raccoon shrieks "Weird Al" Yankovic
68510 ugly sweaters leftovers about to go bad trash out
68517 live in a fish tank are not bad dogs are cats
68519 Just chatty Because I listen! wrong number?
68523 beanie babies will gain value most marketing claims there's nothing inside pill pockets
68528 eating snacks old cell phones Tamagotchis
68531 air mattress a friend who owes you a favor an actual boat
68532 make best friends drink milk hurt some feelings
68534 they smell like hot plastic they're mean to your mom keep complimenting your muumuu
68540 tampon health care set of linens
68541 any hip hop star a contestant from Love is Blind that dude from SNL
68542 old beef stew fuzzy handcuffs bag of dog poop
68543 hot garbage half-price appetizers extra dogs
68544 happy hour climate change teen angst
ID Answers
68545 gerbils hand-written checks blood
68546 Twitter bursts into flames second-degree burns your mom calls you
68552 a live chicken Barbies a giant foam finger
68555 objection sustained relationships the courting room
68556 Catmandu Meow Miss Catcaller
68557 these idiots where am I? squawk squawk
68559 boat flies away it was all a dream sharks
68562 Nike a red hat business casual
68564 laxative pure horse adrenaline chili peppers
68565 Noogie property tax bill chicken pox
68568 let's have a look at that mole So I'm getting divorced. Sucks. mouths are disgusting if you think about it
68570 Pennywise's Science Minute Learning Through Screams Nothing but Recess!
68571 family albums my credit cards life-saving medication
68574 bite your nails eat ramen bad breath
68575 my podcast feed an extended beer belch Alvin and the Chipmunks
68579 plastic bags other people sadness
68580 Baby Shark heavy breathing sounds your audition for The Voice
68581 Adderall coconut oil capitalism
68583 Lasagna for lunch? Just like my mom Yummers
ID Answers
68584 pugs got any gum
68585 psychic powers secret family part-time party animal
68590 cry Fortnite watch YouTube
68592 money grandpa a rival gang of spiders
68593 cat food Doritos mouth flavor
68595 bills smaller than a 20 great knock-knock jokes face
68597 candy bars self-esteem dates with celebrities
68603 murder you ride a dog to the store, buy a fish identity theft
68605 cooked baby carrots a dead body great care and effort
68607 your love life getting into heaven - just relax!! Jimmy Buffett tickets
68610 make a nest for endangered eagles whip it back and forth (dancing) just braid it and make it cute
68615 "somebody else does" "Sure" *shrugs shoulders* "Ask again later"
68618 The Swamp Boys The Boys The Beatles
68619 Little Donny Smith Horses Bake Sales
68622 deep freezing life on Antarctica nobody likes you
68624 the Taco Bell dog Barack Obama Guy Fieri
68627 watch repair calligraphy dry cleaning
68629 cow farts raw charisma laundry detergent pods
68630 say "thank you for the water" in show business enjoy hanging out with you
ID Answers
68636 scary goopy living booger plastic bag full of poison Jell-O
68638 the person you're writing about your old babysitter your younger brother
68639 your mom one million spiders student debt
68641 Hump Night Deserted Hump it up
68643 the metric system Volkswagens spray can cheese
68659 Moo-ve out of my way, Janet! Let's order Domino's Let's go us-tipping!
68661 quicksand timeshares laundry pods
68663 ditchdigger robot assistant oxygen deliveryman
68666 sad shower toy snake xxxxxxxxxxl belt
68677 ibuprofen bread having fun
68710 Urinal Cake Wet Blood
68714 The Kardashians Muppets The Simpsons
68739 When Crime Met Punishment Crime, Punishment, and Gardenias Giggles and Punishment
68756 fake news consensual actions Fortnite
68762 your leg a taco a seagull
68799 A Tom Bawl'ins Warm flat beer The Crying Lucinda
68805 Synergy Corporatize you're fired
68812 infinite puppies a butler named 'Happiness' a sick Jacuzzi
68818 Holy Carpenter Brad
ID Answers
68819 laugh squares dork bibles picture friends
68827 loud n' proud horn time Chernobyl
68829 you have kids MONDAY AMIRIGHT game night is over
68835 failed actors squashed dreams teeny tiny oranges
68836 The Hellcutter Mr. Stabs Harold Von Fearblade
68838 home plate the garage the sticky cave
68842 stock tips the silver screen real estate licenses
68843 The Nighttime Boy Sad Flying Man No-Parents Man
68846 the outlet next door your dad's house some other stuff
68865 Eating the leftovers Correcting people's grammar Spoiling the plot of "The Sixth Sense"
68882 next to a fog machine behind a REALLY big tree the Mariana Trench
68891 away from the bats a little silly but mostly normal underground
68896 begrudging respect between rivals crying extended screaming
68914 squid droppings my childhood teacher's judging eyes spilled soup
68923 open-heart surgery repairing his broken relationships smooching
68930 My team is bad Tim losing
68934 Dick Cissel Richard
68943 falling in love double dutch discussion of socialism
68965 Try walking, loser! Warning: lions around the corner You could be indoors right now
ID Answers
68975 my father my ex 24 hour fortune teller
68996 The Smooth Sounds of Stapling The Copies You Wanted 15 Songs To Tell You I Quit
68999 fourth-degree sunburn Godzilla's on his way a seagull insurrection
69000 Heelys the armor of the self-assured head-to-toe leather
69014 capitalism a teddy bear an ice cream sundae
69017 Two words: reindeer sausage Started Santa Prime $9.95 to be on Nice List
69019 Now mostly gas free Once you pop, you can't stop Got Butt?
69026 blacksmith forge Predator planet
69034 a golden crawdad some sinking billionaires Matt Damon
69073 an alligator the local biker gang a Florida man
69087 vegans high-rise apartments social media bullying
69175 I could use a cuddle Oh great. Diarrhea again Anybody mind if I practice my banjo?
69176 Nothing. I love it Spend a fortune on bikinis People keep giving you apartments
69177 Become a vampire? Never stop dancing Change your name to "Turbo"
69180 Didn't I just talk to Congress? Wait. Kansas is real? Anybody else see Chester A. Arthur's ghost?
69241 The Fault in Our Stars The Encyclopedia Britannica Books A-D War and Peace
69248 lawn gnome bottle of soup iPad
69319 a good brie nail clippings red paint
69322 the knee tap the skull rub the butt press
ID Answers
69323 the largest ball of twine fake news Hamilton the musical
69324 an impossible burger a fidget spinner selfie stick
69340 beloved character actor Stephen Root a bored aunt the Ghost of Christmas Past
69360 That's magic? Science! It doesn't always work!
69362 Bob Weather Amy Deathstorm Tony Hail
69378 Olaf from Frozen Daffy Duck WALL-E
69383 beloved character actors an extensive cheese plate protective charms
69393 Captain Picard hair clippings yoga instructor haircut
69398 democracy another kid perfect replica of you
69401 Ready for my bikini wax! Engine number three failed! Welcome to Kansas!
69408 a family's bathroom a wormhole a food court
69432 burn them sequins fill the pockets with caviar
69433 Timothée Chalamet soft serve in a baseball helmet the news
69448 rubber noses hundreds of long footprints red face paint
69449 Great Sphinx of Giza the St. Louis Arch thick, long bridges
69467 A feral gila monster student loan debt the concept of auto maintenance
69509 Toblerone shoelace intramural ping-pong
69798 friendship bracelets tix to a basketball game you'll sit in silence at off-brand Hott Wheelz toys
69804 weep get in accidents merrily skip
ID Answers
69836 your face with devil horns the pet pony they'll never have the sun with a frowny face
69855 behind you Cancun for Spring Break finding himself
69857 opinions dogs cake
69891 I'm spontaneously pregnant Whoopsie, fell down an elevator shaft! Boo! I'm a ghost!
69903 tea pajamas sports betting
69905 a dead body loose cheese your trust in humanity
69906 2 Dick 2 Furious More Dick Oh Whale
69909 Right Behind You Mostly Lust Not Fair
69913 "Honesty", am I right?? Flibertigibbet fork
69921 Pyramints Bubble tape Sarcopha-gum
69923 divorces feral pigs mullets
69926 The Moon Is Never Coming Back The Moon's Secret Family Eat Lead, Moon
69928 nuts cassette tapes dreams
69929 Weird Anime Eating Lunch In The Bathroom Sad Friends
69932 gasoline tap water sawdust
69945 their medical condition smaller, grainier pictures the janitor's face
69947 Give up on your dreams! We've got chicken wings It's not THAT sad.
69971 burnt popcorn blend impersonate a real oven
69977 Dunkin Donuts VR Arcade discount ticket kiosk
ID Answers
69979 cup holders edible lid lumbar massage
69981 do a backflip keep going shoot lasers from your eyes
70 Why don't YOU answer questions once in a while? Eat my shorts You should leave him
70004 sausage links out of reach dog biscuits paintings of cemeteries
70005 Where I'm taking her poop The best trick he can do for internet fame the "other" cat
70007 an audit a deduction a number
70014 paternal instinct sequel burnout salary caps
70018 these receipts gluten-free pasta at Domino's Pizza
70029 a bluebird with a steady job a pile of carpenter ants a swallow
70031 Let's try an amusement park AGAIN jerky petting zoo?
70068 your son Mr. Soapy's Acid Goo Bathtub Cleaner hot magma
70080 infidelity the Snuggie the internet
70109 Knife Set Cornish Hen Comfortable Seated Position
70156 This was your fault Can I borrow your skis? Happy Anniversary!
70166 Wizard-At-Large Definitely a Human Businessman Domestic Boss
70168 Anakin Skywalker that turtle you saw at the zoo in 2007 marshmallows
70560 Guess I'll give this Twitter a try Hi, everybody Aren't kittens cute?
ID Answers
70723 I have bacon I'm rich I will bring you ice cream
71100 Slim Vic Jr. Dracula
71136 super smell laser eyes empathy
71231 Lipstick tubes Tiny chainsaws Flu shots
71329 eyeball scorpion shampoo
72 The Neutering Hairball Edition The War Against Dogs
75 My old 3DS A daddy... hah! Got 'em! Amelia Earhart
81 a thumbnail a fishing lure an entire bag of french fries
87 Security camera footage Top Gear the back of the church bulletin
92 Our hearts Arbor Day my identity