On the Subject of Quiz Buzz

How do you make FizzBuzz even more exciting? Add in Tom Scott and trivia. And explosions.

  • You'll be playing a modified version of FizzBuzz. Enter 10 numbers in order. Press C to clear input, D to delete the previously entered digit, and E to enter.
  • When the module is initialized, or after a strike, a number will be shown in the top display, in the format "-X-", where X is the first of the ten stage numbers to enter.
  • After each correct entry, the stage number will increase by one, and the module names after the soda can (representing Fizz) and the bee (representing Buzz) will update. These module names represent lists of numbers below.
  • The following are exceptions, if none of these exceptions apply, just enter the current stage number:

  • If the number to enter is a multiple of three and not five, instead enter a correct number from the correct Fizz list.
  • If the number to enter is a multiple of five and not three, instead enter a correct number from the correct Buzz list.
  • If the number to enter is a multiple of both three and five, concatenate correct numbers from both correct lists, that is, enter the Fizz number and Buzz number at the same time, with no break in between.

  • Numbers are not to include leading zeroes.
  • After each correct Fizz or Buzz list entry, the position on that list cannot be used again. For example, if two lists are 1, 2, 3 and 2, 3, 5, and you use "2" on the first list, if the second list is to be used, "3" will not be allowed, but "2" will be, as 2 is not in the second position in the second list. These position exclusions are exclusive to Fizz and Buzz; you can use a position for a Fizz entry if you've used it for a Buzz entry, as long as you have not also used it for a Fizz entry, and vice versa. Entering numbers for both Fizz and Buzz counts as using their respective positions for both.
  • Entering an incorrect number or failure to meet the deadline gives a strike, resets the module to where you need to enter the initial number again, and resets list position eligibility. Successfully entering 10 numbers in a row disarms the module.
Module Category Answers
Bases 234567810
Cheap Checkout 250394397498797946
Connection Check 1234567
Cryptography 789101116
Fast Math 131531364041464772
FizzBuzz 123458
Laundry 80105120140160200230300390
LED Encryption 234567
Lightspeed 12345689
Marble Tumble 12345678
Monsplode, Fight! 123456
Morse Code 505515522532535542545552555
Question Mark 245789
Spinning Buttons 5678910
Splitting The Loot 121622252630
Street Fighter 345678
Tax Returns 8147859973693212411647
Web Design 1234579
Wire Sequence 124689