On the Subject of Quizbowl

I am not responsible for Jesus being the answer of a question.

  • All tossups and answers are, for the most part, in English. Sorry.
  • This module consists of a screen which displays a clue for a tossup, a red button for submitting an answer, and a square button for going to the next clue.
  • To activate this module, press the "Activate" button when it appears.
  • A clue is a part of a tossup that ends with a period.
  • You can buzz in at any time, then you can type your answer.
  • Typable keys include all letter keys, number keys above the letter keys, the spacebar, the apostrophe, the period, and the hyphen.
  • Press the backspace key on your keyboard to backspace.
  • Press the enter key closest to the letters on your keyboard to submit the answer.
  • Answers MUST be exact answers, there are no prompts or anti-prompts currently.
  • Entering an incorrect answer will cause a strike.
  • Entering a correct answer will solve the module.
  • If you get an answer wrong at the last hint, a hint that says "For 10 Points", a new tossup will be generated, requiring you to reactivate the module.