On the Subject of Qwirkle

All these symbols will have you seeing stars! Oh wait, you already are.

This module will display a valid state of the board game Qwirkle, and an available tile to place. Use the arrow buttons to change the available tile. To disarm the module, place four tiles in such a way that the state is still valid. After you place the first tile, the board will no longer be visible. After every tile is placed, the board will be permutated in some fashion, still invisible.

The state is valid if, in each consecutive line of tiles, all symbols are either the same shape with different colors, or the same color, but different shapes. Lines can be no longer than six tiles long. A tile can only be placed on an empty space orthogonally adjacent to another tile.

Consult the table below to determine how the state permutates after each placement.

After the... If... Then: Else...
First placement Line of 6 tiles present in initial state Rotate 180° No change
Second placement Previously placed tile was not a square, diamond, or circle Mirror about the X-axis Mirror about the Y-axis
Third placement Exactly two of the previous three tiles placed were the same color Rotate 90° CW Rotate 90° CCW