On the Subject of RGB Combination

I'm feeling colorful...

  • There will be two 2×2 LED grids on the module, each colored with colors from the below table. There will also be another 2×2 grid of buttons. To solve the module, press the buttons in the correct order.
  • To determine the order, first create a new 2×2 grid from the colors. For each position, take the colors in the same positions of both grids.
  • Separate both of these into their RGB components using the below table. For each component, toggle that component in that position of the new grid.
  • Once this has been done for all 4 positions, press the positions on the buttons in order based on the below table from left to right. If there are any duplicate colors in the result, press them in reading order.
--- --B -G- -GB R-- R-B RG- RGB
Black Blue Green Cyan Red Magenta Yellow White