On the Subject of RGB Sequences

What are you, if not less than the sum of your parts?

  • Ten LEDs will show an arrangement of colors while utilizing RGB color mixing.
  • Using the table below, determine the three rows used to color the LEDs.
  • Each LED, from top left to bottom right with a starting index of zero, corresponds to a column in the table below, mixing all colors.
  • Having two of the same color makes it show up as normal, and black does not contribute to any color channel.

Table of Importance

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
01 E 1 -
02 d K c
03 6 R
04 _ I 6
05 t p
06 C J
07 2 z
08 A
09 A b Y
  • Take the product of the three row numbers and do the following:
  • If there is at least one vowel in the serial number, take the sum of each digit until it is one digit.
  • Otherwise, use the last digit.
  • Press that corresponding LED.