On the Subject of Radiator

Is it me or is it getting hot in here?


Lit FRK indicator and a lit BOB indicator are present: submit 13 for the temperature and 37 for the water.


Always take absolute value and modulo 100 before submitting the numbers.

Temperature Stage

  • Start at 0
  • Add 10 for each S.N. character in RADI4TØ7*
  • Add 5 for each pair of AA batteries
  • Subtract 5 for each D battery
* In the list of serial characters, Ø is zero.

Water Stage

  • Start at the integer part of (Temperature Stage value) / 3
  • Add 50 if an RJ port is present
  • Add 20 if a lit indicator is present
  • Add value in table for each unlit indicator
Unlit Indicator Value
BOB +40
NSA -10
FRQ +2
MSA +25
FRK -1
Otherwise 0