On the Subject of Radiator

Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

This module has 2 stages. The temperature stage and the water stage. You will need to keep the value of the temperature stage to work out the value of the water stage.

Submit the temperature stage before the water stage. If you make a mistake, press the reset button.

If the number is not correct for that stage, a strike will be given, and the module must be started over.

HOWEVER, if a lit FRK indicator and a lit BOB indicator are present, submit 13 for the temperature and 37 for the water.

If a number is greater than 99, only use the last two digits of the number.

Starting at 0, if the serial number contains one or more of the letters and numbers: RADI4T07, add 10 for every occurrence of each letter or number.
For every pair of AA batteries, add 5 to the number.
For every D battery, take 5 away from the number.
If you end up with a negative number after you have applied these rules then multiply by -1.
Submit the number and keep the answer for the water stage.
Take the number you got for the temperature and divide it by 3.
If the number is not a whole number, only take the integer part of the number.
If there is an RJ-45 port, add 50 to the number.
If there are any lit indicators, add 20 to the number.
If there are any unlit indicators, follow the table for unlit indicators below.
At the end if you receive a negative number multiply by -1.
Submit this number.
Unlit indicators table
BOB --> +40
NSA --> -10
FRQ --> +2
MSA --> +25
FRK --> -1