On the Subject of Raiding Temples

Snakes, spiders, rocks and quicksand. Why did it have to be snakes, spiders, rocks and quicksand?

See Appendix A for indicator identification reference.

A group of explorers have entered a temple, seeking to steal its treasures. But the temple is filled with many hazards, and if they’re too greedy they may not leave!

This module appears as three to five explorers (wearing fedoras) standing near a skull and a large jewel. Part of the jewel is a display, which shows any starting treasure in the common pool.

For each character in the bomb’s serial number, refer to "Treasures and Hazards" to look up the corresponding treasure and hazard. The explorers will encounter these in order. Each treasure and hazard pair is known as a round.

When the explorers find treasure, they will split it evenly between them, adding any remainder to the common pool.

After each round, some of the explorers may leave the temple. If they do, they take the treasure from the common pool and add it to any they have already collected. If multiple explorers leave at the same time, they split the common pool between them, leaving any remainder behind.

To determine when each explorer will leave the temple, refer to "Explorers" and take the first indicators on the bomb in alphabetical order and cross-reference with the table to associate with the explorers in reading order. If there are insufficient matching indicators, take unused rows from the table from top to bottom.

To defuse the module, click on the explorers in order of most to least treasure. Clicking on an explorer out of order will result in a strike, but will not reset any previous clicks. If multiple explorers have the same amount of treasure, click them in order of who left the temple, then in alphabetical order of their name.

However, if two copies of the same hazard appear, all explorers left in the temple at the end of that round (i.e., that did not leave during that round or earlier) die and should not be selected. If this happens, after clicking on the surviving explorers, click on the skull.

Treasures and Hazards

Character Treasure Hazard
A 1 Spiders
B 13 Rocks
C 6 Spiders
D 1 Snakes
E 1 Spiders
F 13 Spiders
G 5 Snakes
H 5 Spiders
I 15 Snakes
J 2 Quicksand
K 14 Snakes
L 3 Snakes
M 3 Rocks
N 3 Spiders
O 7 Quicksand
P 8 Rocks
Q 7 Quicksand
R 16 Quicksand
Character Treasure Hazard
S 8 Quicksand
T 11 Quicksand
U 10 Snakes
V 4 Spiders
W 6 Rocks
X 2 Snakes
Y 9 Rocks
Z 3 Quicksand
0 5 Rocks
1 1 Snakes
2 10 Quicksand
3 12 Rocks
4 11 Spiders
5 17 Rocks
6 15 Snakes
7 13 Quicksand
8 2 Rocks
9 17 Spiders


Explorer Indicator Leave Condition
Indiana IND After snakes appear.
Francis FRK When he is the only explorer left, and he is guaranteed to have the most treasure.
Robert BOB As soon as he has any treasure.
Clara CLR During the second round.
Sandy SND After Quicksand appears, but no sooner than the third round
Nate NSA When his current treasure added to the common pool is at least 10.
Allan FRQ When there have been at least twice as many rounds as treasure in the common pool.
Carlos CAR When he is guaranteed to leave with at least 7 treasure, even if everyone were to leave with him.
Shelley SIG If any other explorer also leaves.
Michael MSA One round after any other explorer leaves.
Trini TRN When there is at least 5 treasure in the common pool.