On the Subject of Rain

How is this module even functioning if its got water all over its circuits?

This module has a 3×3 grid of buttons on it that are in the shape of raindrops. It also has a button below the grid labeled "Start Rainfall".

Pressing the "Start Rainfall" button will make the module play a sequence of flashing colors on the raindrop buttons to the sound of music. Almost all colors flashed will be shades of blue (see Possible Blues below), but when all raindrop buttons flash white it signifies a new set in the sequence. The button cannot be pressed again until the sequence finishes.

To solve this module, press the raindrop buttons which had at least 2 of the same color flash in a row in a set. There will always be at least one raindrop button that does this. If a correct raindrop button is pressed after the sequence is played at least once, then it will turn green. A green raindrop button will still flash its colors in the sequence if it’s played again, but will turn back to green once the sequence finishes and won’t need to be pressed again.

If the raindrop buttons are interacted with before the sequence is played at least once or an unnecessary raindrop button is pressed after the sequence is played at least once then a strike will be recorded and the module will not reset.

Possible Blues

Azure Cornflower Electric Navy Teal