On the Subject of Ramboozled Again

Not a pseudo-needy... yet.

This module has six colored furred buttons with ramzleglyphs on them, 4 LEDs between the buttons, and a display with more ramzleglyphs.

Every two ramzleglyphs are mapped to one alphabetic character using the Ramzleglyph Reference Table.

The main display has a nine letter word in the Word Table. However, the word has been encrypted.

It has been Caesar† shifted forward A steps [0,25] (inclusive). It has also been rotated B steps left [0,8] (inclusive).
To reverse the encryption, perform the opposite of the previous steps.

To solve the module, you must press four buttons. To determine if a button is valid to press, take the sum of the alphabetic positions of its two letters, and modulo by 26. If that number equals A times B, then modulo* 26, that is the correct button.

You must only press a button at the correct time, however. If the button is white, press it when the last seconds digit of the bomb's timer is equal to the number of lit indicators. If it is black, press when the digit is the number of unlit indicators. If it is tan, press when the digit is equal to the number of D batteries. If it is brown, press when the digit is equal to the number of AA battery holders. Each of these is modulo* ten.

Upon pressing a button, the main display will change. You will then need to press a different button. Also, pressing a button for less than half a second on the bomb's timer will not register a press.

Upon a submission, the four LEDs will indicate whether your answer was correct. If red, you got that part wrong. If green, you were correct. If yellow, you were partially correct. From left to right, the LEDs represent each press, in order.

Upon a strike, the module will generate a new solution.

Ramzleglyph Reference Table

a - A B C D E F G H
b I J K L M N O P Q
c R S T U V W X Y Z
d A B C D E F G H I
e J K L M * N O P Q
f R S T U V W X Y Z
g A B C D E F G H I
h J K L M N O P Q R
i S T U V W X Y Z +

"-" in the table means the letter before the previous one.
"*" in the table means the letter 13 after the previous one.
"+" in the table means the letter one after the previous one.
None of these will appear as a first letter.

†To Caesar shift text 1 forward, replace each letter with the letter 1 place after it in the alphabet.

*To modulo a number by another, divide the first by the second and keep the remainder.

Word Table

Billy Goat Shearling Nanny Goat Livestock Capricorn Goatskins
Walia Ibex Shorthair Garganica Icelandic Jamnapari Messinese
Oberhasli Norwegian Pinzgauer Sokoto Red Repartida Blackneck