On the Subject of Rapid Subtraction

I remember Brain Age. This one minigame from there didn't look like that.

This module presents a keypad of 10 digit, clear and submit buttons (labeled as C and S respectively), a progress bar, and 2 number displays. When the module activates, the module will display the starting value on the big display, mostly within the 90s.

Inputting the incorrect value or running out of time will cause a strike and reset the streak. Inputting the correct value otherwise will add 5 seconds onto the needy timer. You then must use the correct value as the current value; unless the correct value inputted before is a single digit, the needy will deactivate and increase the streak counter by 1 instead. Upon entering the correct value, at least one of the digits on the display will glitch out until the needy is deactivated.

The clear button can be used to reshow the current value at a cost of 5 seconds on the needy if there is no input currently for the next value to submit. This cannot activate if the needy timer has fewer than 5 seconds left.

The value that needs to be subtracted by is determined by the streak you are on with this needy as well as the edgework around the casing. A progress bar underneath the input digit display will show the streak the defuser is on. The more of the progress bar is filled, the less frequent the needy will activate.

Use the first rule from the table provided for each streak, starting from the top in each column.

Current Streak
0 1 2 3+
Exactly 3 batteries -5 Less than 3 batteries -6 More than 3 batteries -7 Always -9
More than 3 indicators -6 Exactly 3 indicators -7 Less than 3 indicators -8
Serial Number contains a vowel -7 Serial Number does not contain a vowel -8 Otherwise... -9
Serial port is present -8 Otherwise... -9
Otherwise... -9