On the Subject of Regular Crazy Talk

It says: You’re breaking up. ... No, that’s what it says. You’re breaking u— What?... You’re breaking up with your girlfriend?!

  • The module has a large display with a phrase on it, a small 7-segment display, and up/down arrow buttons.
  • Pressing the up/down buttons will scroll between five phrases, each with a different digit in the 7-segment display.
  • Find which of the phrases has the digit in the display equal to the “D” value in the below table.
  • With that phrase selected, hold the digit display when the last digit of the seconds of the bomb’s timer equals the digit listed in the “H” column.
  • Release it when the last seconds digit in the timer has the “R” value.
  • The phrase may have one of the embellishments shown at the top of the table. Make sure you use the correct associated columns.
It says: [PHRASE]DRH
Quote: [PHRASE] End quoteHDR
It says: “[PHRASE]”RDH
“It says: [PHRASE]”RHD