On the Subject of Retiring from Retirement

It's just a list of five houses, this couldn't generate 3,500 results.... right?

Contact dark soles for any corrections

  • Bob blew his arm off while attempting to learn Ultrastores, it is time for him to retire.
  • Use the lookup table to find the highest scoring home and put Bob in there.

Bob's Family

  • Begin by finding out the names of Bob's family members, using the tables below.
Batteries modulo 5 Wife's name
0 Eliza
1 Marg
2 Ruth
3 Sandi
4 Toni
Ports +
modulo 10
0 Amie
1 Ben
2 Dave
3 Janet
4 John
5 Kirsty
6 Kris
7 Lucy
8 Mark
9 Sal
First character
of serial #
Second character
of serial #
Odd number Letter Frank
Even number Letter Jane
Letter Odd number Lydia
Letter Even number Mike
Two vowels or two consonants Pat
A vowel and a consonant Skye
Two numbers Toby

Bob's Best Home

Lookup Table Guide


BH Briar Hollow
BW Broadwood
HP Hotham Place
HS Homestead
LG Leafy Green
LP Lodge Park
RS Riverside
RW Riverwell
SD Sunnydale
SS Sunnyside

Child = Amie

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=27-15 RW=23-15 HP=22-12 RS=22-12 BH=19-12 HS=18-9 LP=16-9 SD=16-9 SS=12-6 BW=7-3 LG=28-15 RW=23-15 HP=23-12 RS=22-12 HS=20-9 BH=17-12 SD=17-9 LP=15-9 SS=13-6 BW=6-3 LG=26-15 RW=24-15 HP=23-12 RS=23-12 BH=20-12 HS=19-9 SD=17-9 LP=16-9 SS=13-6 BW=8-3 LG=26-15 RW=24-15 RS=24-12 HP=22-12 HS=20-9 BH=17-12 LP=15-9 SD=14-9 SS=12-6 BW=5-3 LG=24-15 HP=24-12 RW=21-15 RS=20-12 HS=19-9 BH=17-12 LP=15-9 SD=14-9 SS=10-6 BW=6-3 LG=27-15 RW=23-15 RS=23-12 HP=21-12 HS=20-9 BH=16-12 SD=16-9 LP=15-9 SS=14-6 BW=5-3 LG=24-15 HP=22-12 RW=21-15 RS=20-12 BH=19-12 HS=19-9 LP=14-9 SD=14-9 SS=11-6 BW=9-3
Marg LG=21-9 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 LP=16-9 RS=16-6 HS=15-6 RW=14-6 BW=10-6 SD=10-3 SS=6-0 LG=22-9 HP=20-9 HS=17-6 RS=16-6 LP=15-9 BH=14-9 RW=14-6 SD=11-3 BW=9-6 SS=7-0 HP=20-9 LG=20-9 BH=17-9 RS=17-6 LP=16-9 HS=16-6 RW=15-6 BW=11-6 SD=11-3 SS=7-0 LG=20-9 HP=19-9 RS=18-6 HS=17-6 LP=15-9 RW=15-6 BH=14-9 BW=8-6 SD=8-3 SS=6-0 HP=21-9 LG=18-9 HS=16-6 LP=15-9 BH=14-9 RS=14-6 RW=12-6 BW=9-6 SD=8-3 SS=4-0 LG=21-9 HP=18-9 HS=17-6 RS=17-6 LP=15-9 RW=14-6 BH=13-9 SD=10-3 BW=8-6 SS=8-0 HP=19-9 LG=18-9 BH=16-9 HS=16-6 LP=14-9 RS=14-6 BW=12-6 RW=12-6 SD=8-3 SS=5-0
Ruth HP=19-9 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 HS=15-6 LG=15-3 RW=14-6 LP=10-3 SD=10-3 SS=9-3 BW=7-3 HP=20-9 HS=17-6 RS=16-6 LG=16-3 BH=14-9 RW=14-6 SD=11-3 SS=10-3 LP=9-3 BW=6-3 HP=20-9 BH=17-9 RS=17-6 HS=16-6 RW=15-6 LG=14-3 SD=11-3 LP=10-3 SS=10-3 BW=8-3 HP=19-9 RS=18-6 HS=17-6 RW=15-6 BH=14-9 LG=14-3 LP=9-3 SS=9-3 SD=8-3 BW=5-3 HP=21-9 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 RS=14-6 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 LP=9-3 SD=8-3 SS=7-3 BW=6-3 HP=18-9 HS=17-6 RS=17-6 LG=15-3 RW=14-6 BH=13-9 SS=11-3 SD=10-3 LP=9-3 BW=5-3 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 HS=16-6 RS=14-6 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 BW=9-3 LP=8-3 SD=8-3 SS=8-3
Sandi SS=24-18 SD=22-15 RS=22-12 HS=18-9 LG=18-6 HP=16-6 BW=13-9 BH=13-6 LP=13-6 RW=11-3 SS=25-18 SD=23-15 RS=22-12 HS=20-9 LG=19-6 HP=17-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 BH=11-6 RW=11-3 SS=25-18 SD=23-15 RS=23-12 HS=19-9 HP=17-6 LG=17-6 BW=14-9 BH=14-6 LP=13-6 RW=12-3 SS=24-18 RS=24-12 SD=20-15 HS=20-9 LG=17-6 HP=16-6 LP=12-6 RW=12-3 BW=11-9 BH=11-6 SS=22-18 SD=20-15 RS=20-12 HS=19-9 HP=18-6 LG=15-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 BH=11-6 RW=9-3 SS=26-18 RS=23-12 SD=22-15 HS=20-9 LG=18-6 HP=15-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=11-3 BH=10-6 SS=23-18 SD=20-15 RS=20-12 HS=19-9 HP=16-6 BW=15-9 LG=15-6 BH=13-6 LP=11-6 RW=9-3
Toni BH=16-9 HP=16-6 RS=16-6 SS=15-9 HS=15-6 LG=15-3 BW=13-9 SD=13-6 RW=11-3 LP=10-3 HS=17-6 HP=17-6 SS=16-9 RS=16-6 LG=16-3 BH=14-9 SD=14-6 BW=12-9 RW=11-3 LP=9-3 BH=17-9 HP=17-6 RS=17-6 SS=16-9 HS=16-6 BW=14-9 SD=14-6 LG=14-3 RW=12-3 LP=10-3 RS=18-6 HS=17-6 HP=16-6 SS=15-9 BH=14-9 LG=14-3 RW=12-3 BW=11-9 SD=11-6 LP=9-3 HP=18-6 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 RS=14-6 SS=13-9 BW=12-9 LG=12-3 SD=11-6 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 SS=17-9 HS=17-6 RS=17-6 HP=15-6 LG=15-3 BH=13-9 SD=13-6 BW=11-9 RW=11-3 LP=9-3 BH=16-9 HS=16-6 HP=16-6 BW=15-9 SS=14-9 RS=14-6 LG=12-3 SD=11-6 RW=9-3 LP=8-3

Child = Ben

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=27-15 RW=21-15 RS=18-12 SD=18-9 BH=17-12 HP=16-12 HS=14-9 LP=14-9 SS=14-6 BW=7-3 LG=28-15 RW=21-15 SD=19-9 RS=18-12 HP=17-12 HS=16-9 BH=15-12 SS=15-6 LP=13-9 BW=6-3 LG=26-15 RW=22-15 RS=19-12 SD=19-9 BH=18-12 HP=17-12 HS=15-9 SS=15-6 LP=14-9 BW=8-3 LG=26-15 RW=22-15 RS=20-12 HP=16-12 HS=16-9 SD=16-9 BH=15-12 SS=14-6 LP=13-9 BW=5-3 LG=24-15 RW=19-15 HP=18-12 RS=16-12 SD=16-9 BH=15-12 HS=15-9 LP=13-9 SS=12-6 BW=6-3 LG=27-15 RW=21-15 RS=19-12 SD=18-9 HS=16-9 SS=16-6 HP=15-12 BH=14-12 LP=13-9 BW=5-3 LG=24-15 RW=19-15 BH=17-12 HP=16-12 RS=16-12 SD=16-9 HS=15-9 SS=13-6 LP=12-9 BW=9-3
Marg LG=21-9 BH=14-9 LP=14-9 HP=13-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 HS=11-6 BW=10-6 SS=8-0 LG=22-9 HP=14-9 LP=13-9 HS=13-6 SD=13-3 BH=12-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 BW=9-6 SS=9-0 LG=20-9 BH=15-9 HP=14-9 LP=14-9 RS=13-6 RW=13-6 SD=13-3 HS=12-6 BW=11-6 SS=9-0 LG=20-9 RS=14-6 HP=13-9 LP=13-9 HS=13-6 RW=13-6 BH=12-9 SD=10-3 BW=8-6 SS=8-0 LG=18-9 HP=15-9 LP=13-9 BH=12-9 HS=12-6 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 BW=9-6 SS=6-0 LG=21-9 LP=13-9 HS=13-6 RS=13-6 HP=12-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 BH=11-9 SS=10-0 BW=8-6 LG=18-9 BH=14-9 HP=13-9 LP=12-9 BW=12-6 HS=12-6 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 SS=7-0
Ruth LG=15-3 BH=14-9 HP=13-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 HS=11-6 SS=11-3 LP=8-3 BW=7-3 LG=16-3 HP=14-9 HS=13-6 SD=13-3 BH=12-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 SS=12-3 LP=7-3 BW=6-3 BH=15-9 HP=14-9 LG=14-3 RS=13-6 RW=13-6 SD=13-3 HS=12-6 SS=12-3 BW=8-3 LP=8-3 RS=14-6 LG=14-3 HP=13-9 HS=13-6 RW=13-6 BH=12-9 SS=11-3 SD=10-3 LP=7-3 BW=5-3 HP=15-9 BH=12-9 HS=12-6 LG=12-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 SS=9-3 LP=7-3 BW=6-3 LG=15-3 HS=13-6 RS=13-6 SS=13-3 HP=12-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 BH=11-9 LP=7-3 BW=5-3 BH=14-9 HP=13-9 HS=12-6 LG=12-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 SS=10-3 BW=9-3 LP=6-3
Sandi SS=26-18 SD=24-15 RS=18-12 LG=18-6 HS=14-9 BW=13-9 BH=11-6 LP=11-6 HP=10-6 RW=9-3 SS=27-18 SD=25-15 LG=19-6 RS=18-12 HS=16-9 BW=12-9 HP=11-6 LP=10-6 BH=9-6 RW=9-3 SS=27-18 SD=25-15 RS=19-12 LG=17-6 HS=15-9 BW=14-9 BH=12-6 HP=11-6 LP=11-6 RW=10-3 SS=26-18 SD=22-15 RS=20-12 LG=17-6 HS=16-9 BW=11-9 HP=10-6 LP=10-6 RW=10-3 BH=9-6 SS=24-18 SD=22-15 RS=16-12 HS=15-9 LG=15-6 BW=12-9 HP=12-6 LP=10-6 BH=9-6 RW=7-3 SS=28-18 SD=24-15 RS=19-12 LG=18-6 HS=16-9 BW=11-9 LP=10-6 HP=9-6 RW=9-3 BH=8-6 SS=25-18 SD=22-15 RS=16-12 BW=15-9 HS=15-9 LG=15-6 BH=11-6 HP=10-6 LP=9-6 RW=7-3
Toni SS=17-9 SD=15-6 LG=15-3 BH=14-9 BW=13-9 RS=12-6 HS=11-6 HP=10-6 RW=9-3 LP=8-3 SS=18-9 SD=16-6 LG=16-3 HS=13-6 BH=12-9 BW=12-9 RS=12-6 HP=11-6 RW=9-3 LP=7-3 SS=18-9 SD=16-6 BH=15-9 BW=14-9 LG=14-3 RS=13-6 HS=12-6 HP=11-6 RW=10-3 LP=8-3 SS=17-9 RS=14-6 LG=14-3 HS=13-6 SD=13-6 BH=12-9 BW=11-9 HP=10-6 RW=10-3 LP=7-3 SS=15-9 SD=13-6 BH=12-9 BW=12-9 HS=12-6 HP=12-6 LG=12-3 RS=10-6 LP=7-3 RW=7-3 SS=19-9 SD=15-6 LG=15-3 HS=13-6 RS=13-6 BH=11-9 BW=11-9 HP=9-6 RW=9-3 LP=7-3 SS=16-9 BW=15-9 BH=14-9 SD=13-6 HS=12-6 LG=12-3 HP=10-6 RS=10-6 RW=7-3 LP=6-3

Child = Dave

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=27-15 RW=23-15 RS=22-12 HP=20-12 HS=18-9 LP=18-9 SD=18-9 BH=17-12 SS=12-6 BW=11-3 LG=28-15 RW=23-15 RS=22-12 HP=21-12 HS=20-9 SD=19-9 LP=17-9 BH=15-12 SS=13-6 BW=10-3 LG=26-15 RW=24-15 RS=23-12 HP=21-12 HS=19-9 SD=19-9 BH=18-12 LP=18-9 SS=13-6 BW=12-3 LG=26-15 RW=24-15 RS=24-12 HP=20-12 HS=20-9 LP=17-9 SD=16-9 BH=15-12 SS=12-6 BW=9-3 LG=24-15 HP=22-12 RW=21-15 RS=20-12 HS=19-9 LP=17-9 SD=16-9 BH=15-12 SS=10-6 BW=10-3 LG=27-15 RW=23-15 RS=23-12 HS=20-9 HP=19-12 SD=18-9 LP=17-9 BH=14-12 SS=14-6 BW=9-3 LG=24-15 RW=21-15 HP=20-12 RS=20-12 HS=19-9 BH=17-12 LP=16-9 SD=16-9 BW=13-3 SS=11-6
Marg LG=21-9 LP=18-9 HP=17-9 RS=16-6 HS=15-6 BH=14-9 BW=14-6 RW=14-6 SD=12-3 SS=6-0 LG=22-9 HP=18-9 LP=17-9 HS=17-6 RS=16-6 RW=14-6 BW=13-6 SD=13-3 BH=12-9 SS=7-0 LG=20-9 HP=18-9 LP=18-9 RS=17-6 HS=16-6 BH=15-9 BW=15-6 RW=15-6 SD=13-3 SS=7-0 LG=20-9 RS=18-6 HP=17-9 LP=17-9 HS=17-6 RW=15-6 BH=12-9 BW=12-6 SD=10-3 SS=6-0 HP=19-9 LG=18-9 LP=17-9 HS=16-6 RS=14-6 BW=13-6 BH=12-9 RW=12-6 SD=10-3 SS=4-0 LG=21-9 LP=17-9 HS=17-6 RS=17-6 HP=16-9 RW=14-6 BW=12-6 SD=12-3 BH=11-9 SS=8-0 LG=18-9 HP=17-9 LP=16-9 BW=16-6 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 RS=14-6 RW=12-6 SD=10-3 SS=5-0
Ruth HP=17-9 RS=16-6 HS=15-6 LG=15-3 BH=14-9 RW=14-6 LP=12-3 SD=12-3 BW=11-3 SS=9-3 HP=18-9 HS=17-6 RS=16-6 LG=16-3 RW=14-6 SD=13-3 BH=12-9 LP=11-3 BW=10-3 SS=10-3 HP=18-9 RS=17-6 HS=16-6 BH=15-9 RW=15-6 LG=14-3 SD=13-3 BW=12-3 LP=12-3 SS=10-3 RS=18-6 HP=17-9 HS=17-6 RW=15-6 LG=14-3 BH=12-9 LP=11-3 SD=10-3 BW=9-3 SS=9-3 HP=19-9 HS=16-6 RS=14-6 BH=12-9 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 LP=11-3 BW=10-3 SD=10-3 SS=7-3 HS=17-6 RS=17-6 HP=16-9 LG=15-3 RW=14-6 SD=12-3 BH=11-9 LP=11-3 SS=11-3 BW=9-3 HP=17-9 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 RS=14-6 BW=13-3 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 LP=10-3 SD=10-3 SS=8-3
Sandi SS=24-18 SD=24-15 RS=22-12 HS=18-9 LG=18-6 BW=17-9 LP=15-6 HP=14-6 BH=11-6 RW=11-3 SS=25-18 SD=25-15 RS=22-12 HS=20-9 LG=19-6 BW=16-9 HP=15-6 LP=14-6 RW=11-3 BH=9-6 SS=25-18 SD=25-15 RS=23-12 HS=19-9 BW=18-9 LG=17-6 HP=15-6 LP=15-6 BH=12-6 RW=12-3 SS=24-18 RS=24-12 SD=22-15 HS=20-9 LG=17-6 BW=15-9 HP=14-6 LP=14-6 RW=12-3 BH=9-6 SS=22-18 SD=22-15 RS=20-12 HS=19-9 BW=16-9 HP=16-6 LG=15-6 LP=14-6 BH=9-6 RW=9-3 SS=26-18 SD=24-15 RS=23-12 HS=20-9 LG=18-6 BW=15-9 LP=14-6 HP=13-6 RW=11-3 BH=8-6 SS=23-18 SD=22-15 RS=20-12 BW=19-9 HS=19-9 LG=15-6 HP=14-6 LP=13-6 BH=11-6 RW=9-3
Toni BW=17-9 RS=16-6 SS=15-9 HS=15-6 SD=15-6 LG=15-3 BH=14-9 HP=14-6 LP=12-3 RW=11-3 HS=17-6 BW=16-9 SS=16-9 RS=16-6 SD=16-6 LG=16-3 HP=15-6 BH=12-9 LP=11-3 RW=11-3 BW=18-9 RS=17-6 SS=16-9 HS=16-6 SD=16-6 BH=15-9 HP=15-6 LG=14-3 LP=12-3 RW=12-3 RS=18-6 HS=17-6 BW=15-9 SS=15-9 HP=14-6 LG=14-3 SD=13-6 BH=12-9 RW=12-3 LP=11-3 BW=16-9 HS=16-6 HP=16-6 RS=14-6 SS=13-9 SD=13-6 BH=12-9 LG=12-3 LP=11-3 RW=9-3 SS=17-9 HS=17-6 RS=17-6 BW=15-9 SD=15-6 LG=15-3 HP=13-6 BH=11-9 LP=11-3 RW=11-3 BW=19-9 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 SS=14-9 HP=14-6 RS=14-6 SD=13-6 LG=12-3 LP=10-3 RW=9-3

Child = Janet

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=29-15 HP=22-12 RW=21-15 SD=20-9 RS=18-12 HS=18-9 BH=17-12 LP=16-9 SS=14-6 BW=7-3 LG=30-15 HP=23-12 RW=21-15 SD=21-9 HS=20-9 RS=18-12 BH=15-12 LP=15-9 SS=15-6 BW=6-3 LG=28-15 HP=23-12 RW=22-15 SD=21-9 RS=19-12 HS=19-9 BH=18-12 LP=16-9 SS=15-6 BW=8-3 LG=28-15 RW=22-15 HP=22-12 RS=20-12 HS=20-9 SD=18-9 BH=15-12 LP=15-9 SS=14-6 BW=5-3 LG=26-15 HP=24-12 RW=19-15 HS=19-9 SD=18-9 RS=16-12 BH=15-12 LP=15-9 SS=12-6 BW=6-3 LG=29-15 RW=21-15 HP=21-12 HS=20-9 SD=20-9 RS=19-12 SS=16-6 LP=15-9 BH=14-12 BW=5-3 LG=26-15 HP=22-12 RW=19-15 HS=19-9 SD=18-9 BH=17-12 RS=16-12 LP=14-9 SS=13-6 BW=9-3
Marg LG=23-9 HP=19-9 LP=16-9 HS=15-6 BH=14-9 SD=14-3 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 BW=10-6 SS=8-0 LG=24-9 HP=20-9 HS=17-6 LP=15-9 SD=15-3 BH=12-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 BW=9-6 SS=9-0 LG=22-9 HP=20-9 LP=16-9 HS=16-6 BH=15-9 SD=15-3 RS=13-6 RW=13-6 BW=11-6 SS=9-0 LG=22-9 HP=19-9 HS=17-6 LP=15-9 RS=14-6 RW=13-6 BH=12-9 SD=12-3 BW=8-6 SS=8-0 HP=21-9 LG=20-9 HS=16-6 LP=15-9 BH=12-9 SD=12-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 BW=9-6 SS=6-0 LG=23-9 HP=18-9 HS=17-6 LP=15-9 SD=14-3 RS=13-6 RW=12-6 BH=11-9 SS=10-0 BW=8-6 LG=20-9 HP=19-9 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 LP=14-9 BW=12-6 SD=12-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SS=7-0
Ruth HP=19-9 LG=17-3 HS=15-6 BH=14-9 SD=14-3 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 SS=11-3 LP=10-3 BW=7-3 HP=20-9 LG=18-3 HS=17-6 SD=15-3 BH=12-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 SS=12-3 LP=9-3 BW=6-3 HP=20-9 HS=16-6 LG=16-3 BH=15-9 SD=15-3 RS=13-6 RW=13-6 SS=12-3 LP=10-3 BW=8-3 HP=19-9 HS=17-6 LG=16-3 RS=14-6 RW=13-6 BH=12-9 SD=12-3 SS=11-3 LP=9-3 BW=5-3 HP=21-9 HS=16-6 LG=14-3 BH=12-9 SD=12-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 LP=9-3 SS=9-3 BW=6-3 HP=18-9 HS=17-6 LG=17-3 SD=14-3 RS=13-6 SS=13-3 RW=12-6 BH=11-9 LP=9-3 BW=5-3 HP=19-9 HS=16-6 BH=14-9 LG=14-3 SD=12-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SS=10-3 BW=9-3 LP=8-3
Sandi SS=26-18 SD=26-15 LG=20-6 RS=18-12 HS=18-9 HP=16-6 BW=13-9 LP=13-6 BH=11-6 RW=9-3 SS=27-18 SD=27-15 LG=21-6 HS=20-9 RS=18-12 HP=17-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 BH=9-6 RW=9-3 SS=27-18 SD=27-15 RS=19-12 HS=19-9 LG=19-6 HP=17-6 BW=14-9 LP=13-6 BH=12-6 RW=10-3 SS=26-18 SD=24-15 RS=20-12 HS=20-9 LG=19-6 HP=16-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=10-3 BH=9-6 SS=24-18 SD=24-15 HS=19-9 HP=18-6 LG=17-6 RS=16-12 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 BH=9-6 RW=7-3 SS=28-18 SD=26-15 HS=20-9 LG=20-6 RS=19-12 HP=15-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=9-3 BH=8-6 SS=25-18 SD=24-15 HS=19-9 LG=17-6 RS=16-12 HP=16-6 BW=15-9 BH=11-6 LP=11-6 RW=7-3
Toni SS=17-9 SD=17-6 LG=17-3 HP=16-6 HS=15-6 BH=14-9 BW=13-9 RS=12-6 LP=10-3 RW=9-3 SS=18-9 SD=18-6 LG=18-3 HS=17-6 HP=17-6 BH=12-9 BW=12-9 RS=12-6 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 SS=18-9 SD=18-6 HP=17-6 HS=16-6 LG=16-3 BH=15-9 BW=14-9 RS=13-6 LP=10-3 RW=10-3 SS=17-9 HS=17-6 HP=16-6 LG=16-3 SD=15-6 RS=14-6 BH=12-9 BW=11-9 RW=10-3 LP=9-3 HP=18-6 HS=16-6 SS=15-9 SD=15-6 LG=14-3 BH=12-9 BW=12-9 RS=10-6 LP=9-3 RW=7-3 SS=19-9 HS=17-6 SD=17-6 LG=17-3 HP=15-6 RS=13-6 BH=11-9 BW=11-9 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 SS=16-9 HS=16-6 HP=16-6 BW=15-9 SD=15-6 BH=14-9 LG=14-3 RS=10-6 LP=8-3 RW=7-3

Child = John

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=21-15 BH=21-12 HP=20-12 RW=17-15 SD=16-9 RS=14-12 HS=14-9 LP=14-9 SS=12-6 BW=11-3 LG=22-15 HP=21-12 BH=19-12 RW=17-15 SD=17-9 HS=16-9 RS=14-12 LP=13-9 SS=13-6 BW=10-3 BH=22-12 HP=21-12 LG=20-15 RW=18-15 SD=17-9 RS=15-12 HS=15-9 LP=14-9 SS=13-6 BW=12-3 LG=20-15 HP=20-12 BH=19-12 RW=18-15 RS=16-12 HS=16-9 SD=14-9 LP=13-9 SS=12-6 BW=9-3 HP=22-12 BH=19-12 LG=18-15 RW=15-15 HS=15-9 SD=14-9 LP=13-9 RS=12-12 SS=10-6 BW=10-3 LG=21-15 HP=19-12 BH=18-12 RW=17-15 HS=16-9 SD=16-9 RS=15-12 SS=14-6 LP=13-9 BW=9-3 BH=21-12 HP=20-12 LG=18-15 RW=15-15 HS=15-9 SD=14-9 BW=13-3 RS=12-12 LP=12-9 SS=11-6
Marg BH=18-9 HP=17-9 LG=15-9 LP=14-9 BW=14-6 HS=11-6 SD=10-3 RS=8-6 RW=8-6 SS=6-0 HP=18-9 BH=16-9 LG=16-9 LP=13-9 BW=13-6 HS=13-6 SD=11-3 RS=8-6 RW=8-6 SS=7-0 BH=19-9 HP=18-9 BW=15-6 LG=14-9 LP=14-9 HS=12-6 SD=11-3 RS=9-6 RW=9-6 SS=7-0 HP=17-9 BH=16-9 LG=14-9 LP=13-9 HS=13-6 BW=12-6 RS=10-6 RW=9-6 SD=8-3 SS=6-0 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 LP=13-9 BW=13-6 LG=12-9 HS=12-6 SD=8-3 RS=6-6 RW=6-6 SS=4-0 HP=16-9 BH=15-9 LG=15-9 LP=13-9 HS=13-6 BW=12-6 SD=10-3 RS=9-6 RW=8-6 SS=8-0 BH=18-9 HP=17-9 BW=16-6 LG=12-9 LP=12-9 HS=12-6 SD=8-3 RS=6-6 RW=6-6 SS=5-0
Ruth BH=18-9 HP=17-9 HS=11-6 BW=11-3 SD=10-3 LG=9-3 SS=9-3 RS=8-6 RW=8-6 LP=8-3 HP=18-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 SD=11-3 BW=10-3 LG=10-3 SS=10-3 RS=8-6 RW=8-6 LP=7-3 BH=19-9 HP=18-9 HS=12-6 BW=12-3 SD=11-3 SS=10-3 RS=9-6 RW=9-6 LG=8-3 LP=8-3 HP=17-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 RS=10-6 RW=9-6 BW=9-3 SS=9-3 LG=8-3 SD=8-3 LP=7-3 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 HS=12-6 BW=10-3 SD=8-3 LP=7-3 SS=7-3 RS=6-6 RW=6-6 LG=6-3 HP=16-9 BH=15-9 HS=13-6 SS=11-3 SD=10-3 RS=9-6 BW=9-3 LG=9-3 RW=8-6 LP=7-3 BH=18-9 HP=17-9 BW=13-3 HS=12-6 SD=8-3 SS=8-3 RS=6-6 RW=6-6 LG=6-3 LP=6-3
Sandi SS=24-18 SD=22-15 BW=17-9 BH=15-6 RS=14-12 HS=14-9 HP=14-6 LG=12-6 LP=11-6 RW=5-3 SS=25-18 SD=23-15 BW=16-9 HS=16-9 HP=15-6 RS=14-12 BH=13-6 LG=13-6 LP=10-6 RW=5-3 SS=25-18 SD=23-15 BW=18-9 BH=16-6 RS=15-12 HS=15-9 HP=15-6 LG=11-6 LP=11-6 RW=6-3 SS=24-18 SD=20-15 RS=16-12 HS=16-9 BW=15-9 HP=14-6 BH=13-6 LG=11-6 LP=10-6 RW=6-3 SS=22-18 SD=20-15 BW=16-9 HP=16-6 HS=15-9 BH=13-6 RS=12-12 LP=10-6 LG=9-6 RW=3-3 SS=26-18 SD=22-15 HS=16-9 RS=15-12 BW=15-9 HP=13-6 BH=12-6 LG=12-6 LP=10-6 RW=5-3 SS=23-18 SD=20-15 BW=19-9 HS=15-9 BH=15-6 HP=14-6 RS=12-12 LG=9-6 LP=9-6 RW=3-3
Toni BH=18-9 BW=17-9 SS=15-9 HP=14-6 SD=13-6 HS=11-6 LG=9-3 RS=8-6 LP=8-3 RW=5-3 BH=16-9 BW=16-9 SS=16-9 HP=15-6 SD=14-6 HS=13-6 LG=10-3 RS=8-6 LP=7-3 RW=5-3 BH=19-9 BW=18-9 SS=16-9 HP=15-6 SD=14-6 HS=12-6 RS=9-6 LG=8-3 LP=8-3 RW=6-3 BH=16-9 BW=15-9 SS=15-9 HP=14-6 HS=13-6 SD=11-6 RS=10-6 LG=8-3 LP=7-3 RW=6-3 BH=16-9 BW=16-9 HP=16-6 SS=13-9 HS=12-6 SD=11-6 LP=7-3 RS=6-6 LG=6-3 RW=3-3 SS=17-9 BH=15-9 BW=15-9 HS=13-6 HP=13-6 SD=13-6 RS=9-6 LG=9-3 LP=7-3 RW=5-3 BW=19-9 BH=18-9 SS=14-9 HP=14-6 HS=12-6 SD=11-6 RS=6-6 LG=6-3 LP=6-3 RW=3-3

Child = Kirsty

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza RS=24-12 LG=23-15 RW=23-15 BH=21-12 HP=16-12 LP=16-9 SD=16-9 SS=16-6 HS=14-9 BW=7-3 LG=24-15 RS=24-12 RW=23-15 BH=19-12 HP=17-12 SD=17-9 SS=17-6 HS=16-9 LP=15-9 BW=6-3 RS=25-12 RW=24-15 LG=22-15 BH=22-12 HP=17-12 SD=17-9 SS=17-6 LP=16-9 HS=15-9 BW=8-3 RS=26-12 RW=24-15 LG=22-15 BH=19-12 HP=16-12 HS=16-9 SS=16-6 LP=15-9 SD=14-9 BW=5-3 RS=22-12 RW=21-15 LG=20-15 BH=19-12 HP=18-12 HS=15-9 LP=15-9 SD=14-9 SS=14-6 BW=6-3 RS=25-12 LG=23-15 RW=23-15 BH=18-12 SS=18-6 HS=16-9 SD=16-9 HP=15-12 LP=15-9 BW=5-3 RS=22-12 RW=21-15 BH=21-12 LG=20-15 HP=16-12 HS=15-9 SS=15-6 LP=14-9 SD=14-9 BW=9-3
Marg BH=18-9 RS=18-6 LG=17-9 LP=16-9 RW=14-6 HP=13-9 HS=11-6 BW=10-6 SD=10-3 SS=10-0 LG=18-9 RS=18-6 BH=16-9 LP=15-9 HP=14-9 RW=14-6 HS=13-6 SD=11-3 SS=11-0 BW=9-6 BH=19-9 RS=19-6 LG=16-9 LP=16-9 RW=15-6 HP=14-9 HS=12-6 BW=11-6 SD=11-3 SS=11-0 RS=20-6 BH=16-9 LG=16-9 LP=15-9 RW=15-6 HP=13-9 HS=13-6 SS=10-0 BW=8-6 SD=8-3 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 HP=15-9 LP=15-9 LG=14-9 HS=12-6 RW=12-6 BW=9-6 SD=8-3 SS=8-0 RS=19-6 LG=17-9 BH=15-9 LP=15-9 RW=14-6 HS=13-6 HP=12-9 SS=12-0 SD=10-3 BW=8-6 BH=18-9 RS=16-6 LG=14-9 LP=14-9 HP=13-9 BW=12-6 HS=12-6 RW=12-6 SS=9-0 SD=8-3
Ruth BH=18-9 RS=18-6 RW=14-6 HP=13-9 SS=13-3 HS=11-6 LG=11-3 LP=10-3 SD=10-3 BW=7-3 RS=18-6 BH=16-9 HP=14-9 RW=14-6 SS=14-3 HS=13-6 LG=12-3 SD=11-3 LP=9-3 BW=6-3 BH=19-9 RS=19-6 RW=15-6 HP=14-9 SS=14-3 HS=12-6 SD=11-3 LG=10-3 LP=10-3 BW=8-3 RS=20-6 BH=16-9 RW=15-6 HP=13-9 HS=13-6 SS=13-3 LG=10-3 LP=9-3 SD=8-3 BW=5-3 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 HP=15-9 HS=12-6 RW=12-6 SS=11-3 LP=9-3 LG=8-3 SD=8-3 BW=6-3 RS=19-6 BH=15-9 SS=15-3 RW=14-6 HS=13-6 HP=12-9 LG=11-3 SD=10-3 LP=9-3 BW=5-3 BH=18-9 RS=16-6 HP=13-9 HS=12-6 RW=12-6 SS=12-3 BW=9-3 LG=8-3 LP=8-3 SD=8-3
Sandi SS=28-18 RS=24-12 SD=22-15 BH=15-6 HS=14-9 LG=14-6 BW=13-9 LP=13-6 RW=11-3 HP=10-6 SS=29-18 RS=24-12 SD=23-15 HS=16-9 LG=15-6 BH=13-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 HP=11-6 RW=11-3 SS=29-18 RS=25-12 SD=23-15 BH=16-6 HS=15-9 BW=14-9 LG=13-6 LP=13-6 RW=12-3 HP=11-6 SS=28-18 RS=26-12 SD=20-15 HS=16-9 BH=13-6 LG=13-6 LP=12-6 RW=12-3 BW=11-9 HP=10-6 SS=26-18 RS=22-12 SD=20-15 HS=15-9 BH=13-6 BW=12-9 HP=12-6 LP=12-6 LG=11-6 RW=9-3 SS=30-18 RS=25-12 SD=22-15 HS=16-9 LG=14-6 BH=12-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=11-3 HP=9-6 SS=27-18 RS=22-12 SD=20-15 BW=15-9 HS=15-9 BH=15-6 LG=11-6 LP=11-6 HP=10-6 RW=9-3
Toni SS=19-9 BH=18-9 RS=18-6 BW=13-9 SD=13-6 HS=11-6 LG=11-3 RW=11-3 HP=10-6 LP=10-3 SS=20-9 RS=18-6 BH=16-9 SD=14-6 HS=13-6 BW=12-9 LG=12-3 HP=11-6 RW=11-3 LP=9-3 SS=20-9 BH=19-9 RS=19-6 BW=14-9 SD=14-6 HS=12-6 RW=12-3 HP=11-6 LG=10-3 LP=10-3 RS=20-6 SS=19-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 RW=12-3 BW=11-9 SD=11-6 HP=10-6 LG=10-3 LP=9-3 SS=17-9 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 BW=12-9 HS=12-6 HP=12-6 SD=11-6 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 LG=8-3 SS=21-9 RS=19-6 BH=15-9 HS=13-6 SD=13-6 BW=11-9 LG=11-3 RW=11-3 HP=9-6 LP=9-3 BH=18-9 SS=18-9 RS=16-6 BW=15-9 HS=12-6 SD=11-6 HP=10-6 RW=9-3 LG=8-3 LP=8-3

Child = Kris

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza RS=24-12 RW=23-15 LG=21-15 BH=21-12 LP=16-9 HP=14-12 SD=14-9 SS=14-6 HS=12-9 BW=7-3 RS=24-12 RW=23-15 LG=22-15 BH=19-12 HP=15-12 LP=15-9 SD=15-9 SS=15-6 HS=14-9 BW=6-3 RS=25-12 RW=24-15 BH=22-12 LG=20-15 LP=16-9 HP=15-12 SD=15-9 SS=15-6 HS=13-9 BW=8-3 RS=26-12 RW=24-15 LG=20-15 BH=19-12 LP=15-9 HP=14-12 HS=14-9 SS=14-6 SD=12-9 BW=5-3 RS=22-12 RW=21-15 BH=19-12 LG=18-15 HP=16-12 LP=15-9 HS=13-9 SD=12-9 SS=12-6 BW=6-3 RS=25-12 RW=23-15 LG=21-15 BH=18-12 SS=16-6 LP=15-9 HS=14-9 SD=14-9 HP=13-12 BW=5-3 RS=22-12 RW=21-15 BH=21-12 LG=18-15 HP=14-12 LP=14-9 HS=13-9 SS=13-6 SD=12-9 BW=9-3
Marg BH=18-9 RS=18-6 LP=16-9 LG=15-9 RW=14-6 HP=11-9 BW=10-6 HS=9-6 SD=8-3 SS=8-0 RS=18-6 BH=16-9 LG=16-9 LP=15-9 RW=14-6 HP=12-9 HS=11-6 BW=9-6 SD=9-3 SS=9-0 BH=19-9 RS=19-6 LP=16-9 RW=15-6 LG=14-9 HP=12-9 BW=11-6 HS=10-6 SD=9-3 SS=9-0 RS=20-6 BH=16-9 LP=15-9 RW=15-6 LG=14-9 HP=11-9 HS=11-6 BW=8-6 SS=8-0 SD=6-3 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 LP=15-9 HP=13-9 LG=12-9 RW=12-6 HS=10-6 BW=9-6 SD=6-3 SS=6-0 RS=19-6 BH=15-9 LG=15-9 LP=15-9 RW=14-6 HS=11-6 HP=10-9 SS=10-0 BW=8-6 SD=8-3 BH=18-9 RS=16-6 LP=14-9 LG=12-9 BW=12-6 RW=12-6 HP=11-9 HS=10-6 SS=7-0 SD=6-3
Ruth BH=18-9 RS=18-6 RW=14-6 HP=11-9 SS=11-3 LP=10-3 HS=9-6 LG=9-3 SD=8-3 BW=7-3 RS=18-6 BH=16-9 RW=14-6 HP=12-9 SS=12-3 HS=11-6 LG=10-3 LP=9-3 SD=9-3 BW=6-3 BH=19-9 RS=19-6 RW=15-6 HP=12-9 SS=12-3 HS=10-6 LP=10-3 SD=9-3 BW=8-3 LG=8-3 RS=20-6 BH=16-9 RW=15-6 HP=11-9 HS=11-6 SS=11-3 LP=9-3 LG=8-3 SD=6-3 BW=5-3 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 HP=13-9 RW=12-6 HS=10-6 LP=9-3 SS=9-3 BW=6-3 LG=6-3 SD=6-3 RS=19-6 BH=15-9 RW=14-6 SS=13-3 HS=11-6 HP=10-9 LG=9-3 LP=9-3 SD=8-3 BW=5-3 BH=18-9 RS=16-6 RW=12-6 HP=11-9 HS=10-6 SS=10-3 BW=9-3 LP=8-3 LG=6-3 SD=6-3
Sandi SS=26-18 RS=24-12 SD=20-15 BH=15-6 BW=13-9 LP=13-6 HS=12-9 LG=12-6 RW=11-3 HP=8-6 SS=27-18 RS=24-12 SD=21-15 HS=14-9 BH=13-6 LG=13-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 RW=11-3 HP=9-6 SS=27-18 RS=25-12 SD=21-15 BH=16-6 BW=14-9 HS=13-9 LP=13-6 RW=12-3 LG=11-6 HP=9-6 SS=26-18 RS=26-12 SD=18-15 HS=14-9 BH=13-6 LP=12-6 RW=12-3 BW=11-9 LG=11-6 HP=8-6 SS=24-18 RS=22-12 SD=18-15 HS=13-9 BH=13-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 HP=10-6 LG=9-6 RW=9-3 SS=28-18 RS=25-12 SD=20-15 HS=14-9 BH=12-6 LG=12-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=11-3 HP=7-6 SS=25-18 RS=22-12 SD=18-15 BW=15-9 BH=15-6 HS=13-9 LP=11-6 LG=9-6 RW=9-3 HP=8-6
Toni BH=18-9 RS=18-6 SS=17-9 BW=13-9 SD=11-6 RW=11-3 LP=10-3 HS=9-6 LG=9-3 HP=8-6 SS=18-9 RS=18-6 BH=16-9 BW=12-9 SD=12-6 HS=11-6 RW=11-3 LG=10-3 HP=9-6 LP=9-3 BH=19-9 RS=19-6 SS=18-9 BW=14-9 SD=12-6 RW=12-3 HS=10-6 LP=10-3 HP=9-6 LG=8-3 RS=20-6 SS=17-9 BH=16-9 RW=12-3 BW=11-9 HS=11-6 SD=9-6 LP=9-3 HP=8-6 LG=8-3 BH=16-9 RS=16-6 SS=15-9 BW=12-9 HS=10-6 HP=10-6 SD=9-6 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 LG=6-3 SS=19-9 RS=19-6 BH=15-9 BW=11-9 HS=11-6 SD=11-6 RW=11-3 LG=9-3 LP=9-3 HP=7-6 BH=18-9 SS=16-9 RS=16-6 BW=15-9 HS=10-6 SD=9-6 RW=9-3 HP=8-6 LP=8-3 LG=6-3

Child = Lucy

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=23-15 RW=21-15 BH=19-12 HP=18-12 SD=18-9 RS=14-12 LP=14-9 SS=12-6 HS=10-9 BW=5-3 LG=24-15 RW=21-15 HP=19-12 SD=19-9 BH=17-12 RS=14-12 LP=13-9 SS=13-6 HS=12-9 BW=4-3 LG=22-15 RW=22-15 BH=20-12 HP=19-12 SD=19-9 RS=15-12 LP=14-9 SS=13-6 HS=11-9 BW=6-3 LG=22-15 RW=22-15 HP=18-12 BH=17-12 RS=16-12 SD=16-9 LP=13-9 HS=12-9 SS=12-6 BW=3-3 LG=20-15 HP=20-12 RW=19-15 BH=17-12 SD=16-9 LP=13-9 RS=12-12 HS=11-9 SS=10-6 BW=4-3 LG=23-15 RW=21-15 SD=18-9 HP=17-12 BH=16-12 RS=15-12 SS=14-6 LP=13-9 HS=12-9 BW=3-3 LG=20-15 RW=19-15 BH=19-12 HP=18-12 SD=16-9 RS=12-12 LP=12-9 HS=11-9 SS=11-6 BW=7-3
Marg LG=17-9 BH=16-9 HP=15-9 LP=14-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 BW=8-6 RS=8-6 HS=7-6 SS=6-0 LG=18-9 HP=16-9 BH=14-9 LP=13-9 SD=13-3 RW=12-6 HS=9-6 RS=8-6 BW=7-6 SS=7-0 BH=17-9 HP=16-9 LG=16-9 LP=14-9 RW=13-6 SD=13-3 BW=9-6 RS=9-6 HS=8-6 SS=7-0 LG=16-9 HP=15-9 BH=14-9 LP=13-9 RW=13-6 RS=10-6 SD=10-3 HS=9-6 BW=6-6 SS=6-0 HP=17-9 BH=14-9 LG=14-9 LP=13-9 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 HS=8-6 BW=7-6 RS=6-6 SS=4-0 LG=17-9 HP=14-9 BH=13-9 LP=13-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 HS=9-6 RS=9-6 SS=8-0 BW=6-6 BH=16-9 HP=15-9 LG=14-9 LP=12-9 BW=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 HS=8-6 RS=6-6 SS=5-0
Ruth BH=16-9 HP=15-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 LG=11-3 SS=9-3 RS=8-6 LP=8-3 HS=7-6 BW=5-3 HP=16-9 BH=14-9 SD=13-3 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 SS=10-3 HS=9-6 RS=8-6 LP=7-3 BW=4-3 BH=17-9 HP=16-9 RW=13-6 SD=13-3 LG=10-3 SS=10-3 RS=9-6 HS=8-6 LP=8-3 BW=6-3 HP=15-9 BH=14-9 RW=13-6 RS=10-6 LG=10-3 SD=10-3 HS=9-6 SS=9-3 LP=7-3 BW=3-3 HP=17-9 BH=14-9 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 HS=8-6 LG=8-3 LP=7-3 SS=7-3 RS=6-6 BW=4-3 HP=14-9 BH=13-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 LG=11-3 SS=11-3 HS=9-6 RS=9-6 LP=7-3 BW=3-3 BH=16-9 HP=15-9 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 HS=8-6 LG=8-3 SS=8-3 BW=7-3 RS=6-6 LP=6-3
Sandi SS=24-18 SD=24-15 RS=14-12 LG=14-6 BH=13-6 HP=12-6 BW=11-9 LP=11-6 HS=10-9 RW=9-3 SS=25-18 SD=25-15 LG=15-6 RS=14-12 HP=13-6 HS=12-9 BH=11-6 BW=10-9 LP=10-6 RW=9-3 SS=25-18 SD=25-15 RS=15-12 BH=14-6 HP=13-6 LG=13-6 BW=12-9 HS=11-9 LP=11-6 RW=10-3 SS=24-18 SD=22-15 RS=16-12 LG=13-6 HS=12-9 HP=12-6 BH=11-6 LP=10-6 RW=10-3 BW=9-9 SS=22-18 SD=22-15 HP=14-6 RS=12-12 HS=11-9 BH=11-6 LG=11-6 BW=10-9 LP=10-6 RW=7-3 SS=26-18 SD=24-15 RS=15-12 LG=14-6 HS=12-9 HP=11-6 BH=10-6 LP=10-6 BW=9-9 RW=9-3 SS=23-18 SD=22-15 BW=13-9 BH=13-6 RS=12-12 HP=12-6 HS=11-9 LG=11-6 LP=9-6 RW=7-3
Toni BH=16-9 SS=15-9 SD=15-6 HP=12-6 BW=11-9 LG=11-3 RW=9-3 RS=8-6 LP=8-3 HS=7-6 SS=16-9 SD=16-6 BH=14-9 HP=13-6 LG=12-3 BW=10-9 HS=9-6 RW=9-3 RS=8-6 LP=7-3 BH=17-9 SS=16-9 SD=16-6 HP=13-6 BW=12-9 LG=10-3 RW=10-3 RS=9-6 HS=8-6 LP=8-3 SS=15-9 BH=14-9 SD=13-6 HP=12-6 RS=10-6 LG=10-3 RW=10-3 BW=9-9 HS=9-6 LP=7-3 BH=14-9 HP=14-6 SS=13-9 SD=13-6 BW=10-9 HS=8-6 LG=8-3 LP=7-3 RW=7-3 RS=6-6 SS=17-9 SD=15-6 BH=13-9 HP=11-6 LG=11-3 BW=9-9 HS=9-6 RS=9-6 RW=9-3 LP=7-3 BH=16-9 SS=14-9 BW=13-9 SD=13-6 HP=12-6 HS=8-6 LG=8-3 RW=7-3 RS=6-6 LP=6-3

Child = Mark

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=23-15 RW=21-15 BH=21-12 HP=20-12 RS=18-12 LP=18-9 HS=14-9 SD=14-9 BW=9-3 SS=8-6 LG=24-15 RW=21-15 HP=21-12 BH=19-12 RS=18-12 LP=17-9 HS=16-9 SD=15-9 SS=9-6 BW=8-3 LG=22-15 RW=22-15 BH=22-12 HP=21-12 RS=19-12 LP=18-9 HS=15-9 SD=15-9 BW=10-3 SS=9-6 LG=22-15 RW=22-15 HP=20-12 RS=20-12 BH=19-12 LP=17-9 HS=16-9 SD=12-9 SS=8-6 BW=7-3 HP=22-12 LG=20-15 RW=19-15 BH=19-12 LP=17-9 RS=16-12 HS=15-9 SD=12-9 BW=8-3 SS=6-6 LG=23-15 RW=21-15 HP=19-12 RS=19-12 BH=18-12 LP=17-9 HS=16-9 SD=14-9 SS=10-6 BW=7-3 BH=21-12 LG=20-15 HP=20-12 RW=19-15 RS=16-12 LP=16-9 HS=15-9 SD=12-9 BW=11-3 SS=7-6
Marg BH=18-9 LP=18-9 HP=17-9 LG=17-9 BW=12-6 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 HS=11-6 SD=8-3 SS=2-0 HP=18-9 LG=18-9 LP=17-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 BW=11-6 SD=9-3 SS=3-0 BH=19-9 HP=18-9 LP=18-9 LG=16-9 BW=13-6 RS=13-6 RW=13-6 HS=12-6 SD=9-3 SS=3-0 HP=17-9 LP=17-9 BH=16-9 LG=16-9 RS=14-6 HS=13-6 RW=13-6 BW=10-6 SD=6-3 SS=2-0 HP=19-9 LP=17-9 BH=16-9 LG=14-9 HS=12-6 BW=11-6 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=6-3 SS=0-0 LG=17-9 LP=17-9 HP=16-9 BH=15-9 HS=13-6 RS=13-6 RW=12-6 BW=10-6 SD=8-3 SS=4-0 BH=18-9 HP=17-9 LP=16-9 LG=14-9 BW=14-6 HS=12-6 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 SD=6-3 SS=1-0
Ruth BH=18-9 HP=17-9 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 LP=12-3 HS=11-6 LG=11-3 BW=9-3 SD=8-3 SS=5-3 HP=18-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 RS=12-6 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 LP=11-3 SD=9-3 BW=8-3 SS=6-3 BH=19-9 HP=18-9 RS=13-6 RW=13-6 HS=12-6 LP=12-3 BW=10-3 LG=10-3 SD=9-3 SS=6-3 HP=17-9 BH=16-9 RS=14-6 HS=13-6 RW=13-6 LP=11-3 LG=10-3 BW=7-3 SD=6-3 SS=5-3 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 HS=12-6 LP=11-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 BW=8-3 LG=8-3 SD=6-3 SS=3-3 HP=16-9 BH=15-9 HS=13-6 RS=13-6 RW=12-6 LG=11-3 LP=11-3 SD=8-3 BW=7-3 SS=7-3 BH=18-9 HP=17-9 HS=12-6 BW=11-3 RS=10-6 RW=10-6 LP=10-3 LG=8-3 SD=6-3 SS=4-3
Sandi SS=20-18 SD=20-15 RS=18-12 BW=15-9 BH=15-6 LP=15-6 HS=14-9 HP=14-6 LG=14-6 RW=9-3 SS=21-18 SD=21-15 RS=18-12 HS=16-9 HP=15-6 LG=15-6 BW=14-9 LP=14-6 BH=13-6 RW=9-3 SS=21-18 SD=21-15 RS=19-12 BW=16-9 BH=16-6 HS=15-9 HP=15-6 LP=15-6 LG=13-6 RW=10-3 SS=20-18 RS=20-12 SD=18-15 HS=16-9 HP=14-6 LP=14-6 BW=13-9 BH=13-6 LG=13-6 RW=10-3 SS=18-18 SD=18-15 RS=16-12 HP=16-6 HS=15-9 BW=14-9 LP=14-6 BH=13-6 LG=11-6 RW=7-3 SS=22-18 SD=20-15 RS=19-12 HS=16-9 LG=14-6 LP=14-6 BW=13-9 HP=13-6 BH=12-6 RW=9-3 SS=19-18 SD=18-15 BW=17-9 RS=16-12 HS=15-9 BH=15-6 HP=14-6 LP=13-6 LG=11-6 RW=7-3
Toni BH=18-9 BW=15-9 HP=14-6 RS=12-6 LP=12-3 SS=11-9 HS=11-6 SD=11-6 LG=11-3 RW=9-3 BH=16-9 HP=15-6 BW=14-9 HS=13-6 SS=12-9 RS=12-6 SD=12-6 LG=12-3 LP=11-3 RW=9-3 BH=19-9 BW=16-9 HP=15-6 RS=13-6 SS=12-9 HS=12-6 SD=12-6 LP=12-3 LG=10-3 RW=10-3 BH=16-9 HP=14-6 RS=14-6 BW=13-9 HS=13-6 SS=11-9 LP=11-3 LG=10-3 RW=10-3 SD=9-6 BH=16-9 HP=16-6 BW=14-9 HS=12-6 LP=11-3 RS=10-6 SS=9-9 SD=9-6 LG=8-3 RW=7-3 BH=15-9 BW=13-9 SS=13-9 HS=13-6 HP=13-6 RS=13-6 SD=11-6 LG=11-3 LP=11-3 RW=9-3 BH=18-9 BW=17-9 HP=14-6 HS=12-6 SS=10-9 RS=10-6 LP=10-3 SD=9-6 LG=8-3 RW=7-3

Child = Sal

Wife Sibling
Frank Jane Lydia Mike Pat Skye Toby
Eliza LG=23-15 RW=21-15 BH=21-12 HP=20-12 SD=18-9 RS=16-12 LP=16-9 HS=14-9 SS=12-6 BW=7-3 LG=24-15 RW=21-15 HP=21-12 BH=19-12 SD=19-9 RS=16-12 HS=16-9 LP=15-9 SS=13-6 BW=6-3 LG=22-15 RW=22-15 BH=22-12 HP=21-12 SD=19-9 RS=17-12 LP=16-9 HS=15-9 SS=13-6 BW=8-3 LG=22-15 RW=22-15 HP=20-12 BH=19-12 RS=18-12 HS=16-9 SD=16-9 LP=15-9 SS=12-6 BW=5-3 HP=22-12 LG=20-15 RW=19-15 BH=19-12 SD=16-9 HS=15-9 LP=15-9 RS=14-12 SS=10-6 BW=6-3 LG=23-15 RW=21-15 HP=19-12 BH=18-12 SD=18-9 RS=17-12 HS=16-9 LP=15-9 SS=14-6 BW=5-3 BH=21-12 LG=20-15 HP=20-12 RW=19-15 SD=16-9 HS=15-9 RS=14-12 LP=14-9 SS=11-6 BW=9-3
Marg BH=18-9 HP=17-9 LG=17-9 LP=16-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 HS=11-6 BW=10-6 RS=10-6 SS=6-0 HP=18-9 LG=18-9 BH=16-9 LP=15-9 HS=13-6 SD=13-3 RW=12-6 RS=10-6 BW=9-6 SS=7-0 BH=19-9 HP=18-9 LG=16-9 LP=16-9 RW=13-6 SD=13-3 HS=12-6 BW=11-6 RS=11-6 SS=7-0 HP=17-9 BH=16-9 LG=16-9 LP=15-9 HS=13-6 RW=13-6 RS=12-6 SD=10-3 BW=8-6 SS=6-0 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 LP=15-9 LG=14-9 HS=12-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 BW=9-6 RS=8-6 SS=4-0 LG=17-9 HP=16-9 BH=15-9 LP=15-9 HS=13-6 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 RS=11-6 BW=8-6 SS=8-0 BH=18-9 HP=17-9 LG=14-9 LP=14-9 BW=12-6 HS=12-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 RS=8-6 SS=5-0
Ruth BH=18-9 HP=17-9 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 HS=11-6 LG=11-3 RS=10-6 LP=10-3 SS=9-3 BW=7-3 HP=18-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 SD=13-3 RW=12-6 LG=12-3 RS=10-6 SS=10-3 LP=9-3 BW=6-3 BH=19-9 HP=18-9 RW=13-6 SD=13-3 HS=12-6 RS=11-6 LG=10-3 LP=10-3 SS=10-3 BW=8-3 HP=17-9 BH=16-9 HS=13-6 RW=13-6 RS=12-6 LG=10-3 SD=10-3 LP=9-3 SS=9-3 BW=5-3 HP=19-9 BH=16-9 HS=12-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 LP=9-3 RS=8-6 LG=8-3 SS=7-3 BW=6-3 HP=16-9 BH=15-9 HS=13-6 RW=12-6 SD=12-3 RS=11-6 LG=11-3 SS=11-3 LP=9-3 BW=5-3 BH=18-9 HP=17-9 HS=12-6 RW=10-6 SD=10-3 BW=9-3 RS=8-6 LG=8-3 LP=8-3 SS=8-3
Sandi SS=24-18 SD=24-15 RS=16-12 BH=15-6 HS=14-9 HP=14-6 LG=14-6 BW=13-9 LP=13-6 RW=9-3 SS=25-18 SD=25-15 RS=16-12 HS=16-9 HP=15-6 LG=15-6 BH=13-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 RW=9-3 SS=25-18 SD=25-15 RS=17-12 BH=16-6 HS=15-9 HP=15-6 BW=14-9 LG=13-6 LP=13-6 RW=10-3 SS=24-18 SD=22-15 RS=18-12 HS=16-9 HP=14-6 BH=13-6 LG=13-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=10-3 SS=22-18 SD=22-15 HP=16-6 HS=15-9 RS=14-12 BH=13-6 BW=12-9 LP=12-6 LG=11-6 RW=7-3 SS=26-18 SD=24-15 RS=17-12 HS=16-9 LG=14-6 HP=13-6 BH=12-6 LP=12-6 BW=11-9 RW=9-3 SS=23-18 SD=22-15 BW=15-9 HS=15-9 BH=15-6 RS=14-12 HP=14-6 LG=11-6 LP=11-6 RW=7-3
Toni BH=18-9 SS=15-9 SD=15-6 HP=14-6 BW=13-9 HS=11-6 LG=11-3 RS=10-6 LP=10-3 RW=9-3 BH=16-9 SS=16-9 SD=16-6 HP=15-6 HS=13-6 BW=12-9 LG=12-3 RS=10-6 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 BH=19-9 SS=16-9 SD=16-6 HP=15-6 BW=14-9 HS=12-6 RS=11-6 LG=10-3 LP=10-3 RW=10-3 BH=16-9 SS=15-9 HP=14-6 HS=13-6 SD=13-6 RS=12-6 BW=11-9 LG=10-3 RW=10-3 LP=9-3 BH=16-9 HP=16-6 SS=13-9 SD=13-6 BW=12-9 HS=12-6 LP=9-3 RS=8-6 LG=8-3 RW=7-3 SS=17-9 BH=15-9 SD=15-6 HS=13-6 HP=13-6 BW=11-9 RS=11-6 LG=11-3 LP=9-3 RW=9-3 BH=18-9 BW=15-9 SS=14-9 HP=14-6 SD=13-6 HS=12-6 RS=8-6 LG=8-3 LP=8-3 RW=7-3