On the Subject of Retirement

Time to spend some time with your remaining limbs following far too many explosions.

  • Bob's wife wants to put a snooker table in Bob's workshop so she has decided it is time for him to retire.
  • With the help of Bob's family (child and sibling), Bob's wife needs to pick out the most suitable retirement home for Bob to live out his final days.
  • Each member of Bob's family has a different influence factor over the decision. Bob's wife has a factor of three, his child has a factor of two and his sibling a factor of one.

Bob's Family

  • Begin by finding out the names of Bob's family members, using the tables below.
Batteries modulo 5 Wife's name
0 Eliza
1 Marg
2 Ruth
3 Sandi
4 Toni
Ports +
modulo 10
0 Amie
1 Ben
2 Dave
3 Janet
4 John
5 Kirsty
6 Kris
7 Lucy
8 Mark
9 Sal
First character
of serial #
Second character
of serial #
Odd number Letter Frank
Even number Letter Jane
Letter Odd number Lydia
Letter Even number Mike
Two vowels or two consonants Pat
A vowel and a consonant Skye
Two numbers Toby

Bob's Best Home

  • Cycle the five potential retirement homes using the arrow buttons.
  • For each home, determine how many letters each family member's name has in common with the home name.
  • Repeated letters in the home names should be counted as many times as they appear.
  • Multiply each number by the family members' influence factor.
  • Take the sum of the three family members' scores to get each home's rating.
  • The home with the highest rating is the best home for Bob.
  • If there is a tie between two or more homes, Bob's wife will pick the home she gave the highest rating to.
  • If Bob's wife has rated two or more homes equally highly, pick the home that comes first alphabetically from Bob's wife's highest rated homes.
  • Set the home with the highest rating and press the "Retire" button to disarm the module. Pressing the button with the incorrect home set will cause a strike and generate a new selection of homes.