On the Subject of Reverse Morse

It’s one thing to read somebody else’s Morse message. Now it’s time to send your own.

  • The module consists of three labelled buttons, two unlabelled buttons representing dot and dash, two symbol screens and a transmission display.
  • Use the first of the two tables to decipher the two six-character messages on the symbol screens. Each message will be preceded by a longer pause.
  • Starting with the left-hand screen, press the dot and dash buttons to transmit each message using Morse code, as defined in the second table.
  • The transmission display will show the input of the current character.
  • Press the ‘Br’ (break) button after each character. Press the ‘Tx’ (transmit) button after each complete message. Press the ‘Rs’ (reset) button to clear all characters in the current message.
  • Pressing the ‘Tx’ button with an incorrect message will reset your characters for the current message and cause a strike.
  • Pressing the ‘Tx’ button with a correct message will disable the symbol screen. Transmit both messages correctly to disarm the module.

Symbol Table

Red Green Blue Purple Yellow Orange
A X K O Y 9 E
L 4 P 1 B W J
Q I 8 F N V Z
T Q U A 5 0 (Zero) G
X 7 D H M T 3
Z S C 6 2 L R

Morse Code Table