On the Subject of Rhythm Test

"Hello and welcome!" "We hope you'll enjoy Rhythm Heaven Fever this module!"

This module consists of a single button, along with a grid of unlit squares. The top left and bottom right say "Early" or "Late" respectively.

At first, the text in the center will say "Rhythm Test". Pressing the button will begin the test. A five second wait period will occur, to allow you to prepare.

After this time passes, the center text will start counting down from 7 along with a beep, at a consistent rhythm of 120 BPM. Your goal is to press the button as close to 0 as possible, which is indicated by a different sounding beep. The margin of error seems to be 0.2 seconds for a passable press. Completely missing a press or pressing too early will result in a strike.

A total of sixteen tests will occur, with very little gaps in between. As more are completed, some later beats will not sound and the text will not display the number. You will have to count these beats in your head to get a good hit. Along with this, the first four tests have the red square scroll downwards, but later tests will hide this until an input occurs, making it harder to judge.

The module seems to only like the base of the button being pressed. When viewing the module from an odd angle, make sure you press the base, and not the tip.