On the Subject of Rullo

Easy as 1 2 3...
or is it 3 3?

This module consists of a 6 by 6 grid of magenta buttons, each labelled with a number from 1-9.

Each of the twelve screens display a number, the sums of the digits in the corresponding rows and columns must be equal to the displayed number.
To do this, turn off the buttons whose digits do not contribute to the displayed totals.

Pressing a button will toggle it between its on and off states.
Initially, every button is in the on state.

Holding a button until a sound is heard will flag the button.
The state of a flagged button cannot be changed until it is unflagged by holding it down again.

Once the grid is configured, press the large magenta button to submit it.
If any rows or columns of digits do not add up to the number shown on its corresponding display, the border around that display will turn red.