On the Subject of Scavenger Hunts

Burying your problems won’t solve them.

This module contains a 4x4 maze in which the walls cannot be seen. Your current position is indicated by a symbol on one of the tiles. Press the ridges on the edge of the module to navigate. Two positions must be submitted to disarm the module — Press the grid to submit your current position. Take the last digit of the serial number modulo 6 to identify which maze you are in.

0 1 2
3 4 5

In stage 1, each pair of colored tiles will have symbols on them clueing at a position on the grid. Only one pair actually clues at the correct position, which must be submitted in stage 1.

If the bomb has an even number of batteries, the relevant color is red.
Otherwise, if the serial number contains a vowel, the relevant color is green.
Otherwise, the relevant color is blue.

When the correct position has been submitted in stage 1, all tiles will lose their coloring. Navigate to the tiles which had colors that were not relevant in stage 1. The symbols on them will clue towards the position that must be submitted in stage 2. Submitting this position will disarm the module.

Meaning: Symbols:
No clue present
Column A
Column B
Column C
Column D
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Meaning: Symbols:
Top half
Bottom half
Left half
Right half
Column A or C
Column B or D
Row 1 or 3
Row 2 or 4