On the Subject of Sea Bear Attacks

That was an oval, it has to be a circle!

This needy module has a warning sign and an attempted anti-sea-bear circle on it. Unfortunately, whoever made this "circle" does not know geometry and drew an oval instead. This leaves you prone to sea bear attacks.

When this module activates a picture of a sea bear will appear which is a signal that a sea bear is nearby and will attack in 30 seconds. Three actions will appear in the "circle", and only one of them is an action that will not provoke the sea bear into attacking you. Press this action to neutralize the module and save yourself from a painful experience. All actions that can provoke a sea bear are listed below.

If the wrong action is pressed, then the sea bear will be provoked and attack you immediately. It will also attack you if you fail to press the correct action in time.

Actions That Provoke Sea Bears

  • Playing the clarinet badly
  • Waving a flashlight back and forth really fast
  • Stomping the ground
  • Eating cubed cheese
  • Wearing a sombrero in a goofy fashion
  • Wearing clown shoes
  • Wearing a hoop skirt
  • Screeching like a chimpanzee
  • Running
  • Limping
  • Crawling

If a picture of a sea rhinoceros appears instead of a sea bear, then a sea rhinoceros has been attracted by the sound of a nearby sea bear attack and will attack you instead. A sea rhinoceros attack is similar to a sea bear attack, however the correct action is always to wear anti-sea rhinoceros undergarments.