On the Subject of Semabols

I'm not sure what these symbols are, but I'm pretty sure they have something to do with maritime flags.

The module consists of eight symbols arranged in a regular octagon around six more symbols, as well as eight LEDs on the corners of the outer symbols. The LEDs that are in the same corner are considered a pair. All pairs are ordered in reading order.

The outer symbols make up a cross-section of a 3×3×3 cube made of 3 layers. All possible layers are shown below from a top down view. The cross-section will be along the X or Y axis of the cube, and its center will be missing from the outer symbols.

Each pair of LEDs correspond to a Semaphore character with one of their symbols representing the left flag in the cross-section and another representing the right flag. Each symbol in the cube, except the middle center symbol, corresponds to a letter of the alphabet going in reading order from the topmost to bottommost layer.

There is one way to assemble the layers of the cube such that each Semaphore character indicated by the LEDs has an equivalent symbol in the inner symbols. Press the inner symbols corresponding to the Semaphore characters in order of the LED pairs to solve the module.

Striking will clear your input, but will not reset the module.

Semaphore Characters