On the Subject of Shell Games

Don’t get hustled!

  • This module contains 3 cups, one of which has a pearl under them, and a button labeled “Go!”.
  • After pressing the button, the initial location of the pearl will be revealed, and the cups will be shuffled around.
  • After the cups finish shuffling, select the new location of the pearl within 5 seconds to solve the module. However, the pearl may not actually be under the same cup it was before.
  • To determine the actual location of the pearl, note the final position of the pearl’s initial cup, and use it as the column in the table below. For the row, use the first condition that applies, going down.
  • If the correct cell says “nowhere”, that means the module has actually stolen the pearl and it is under none of the cups. In that case, let 5 seconds pass to solve the module.
  • If you select the wrong cup or run out of time, a strike will be incurred and you may not make anymore guesses. Press the button again to start over.
Condition: Final position of the initial cup:
Left Middle Right
There is a lit BOB indicator Left Middle Right
There is an indicator that shares a letter w/ the serial number Nowhere Right Middle
There is exactly one strike Middle Left Right
The bomb has more serial ports than Stereo RCA and RJ-45 ports combined Middle Nowhere Left
The number of batteries is the last digit of the serial number Left Right Nowhere
There is an empty port plate Nowhere Right Left
None of the above apply Right Middle Left