On the Subject of Shifted Maze

This maze loves repeating itself. Again and again and again…

This module consists of a screen displaying coordinates of a 6x6 maze and four arrow buttons for navigating the white light inside the maze.

To solve the module, the defuser must navigate the white light to three circular markings in the correct order.
Moving into a wall, out of the maze, or onto a marked coordinate out of order will cause a strike. The module will not reset and the maze will not change.

Determine navigation order

Four coordinates have circular markings with the starting position always marked white. Navigate to the other marked coordinates in the following order:

  1. Marked coordinate diagonally opposite of starting position.
  2. Marked coordinate in the same row as the starting position.
  3. Marked coordinate in the same column as the starting position.

For each D-Battery on the bomb cycle this list so that 2 becomes 1, 3 becomes 2 and 1 becomes 3.

Determine shift of maze

There is only one unique maze but it might be shifted in both vertical and horizontal directions.
To determine the shift, refer to the colors of the circular markers (relative to the starting position) and look up the steps in the tables below.

Vertical shift

Same column yellow magenta blue
Diagonally opposite magenta, yellow blue, green magenta, yellow blue, green magenta, yellow blue, green
Steps 2 3 0 5 1 4

Horizontal shift

On same row yellow magenta blue
Diagonally opposite green, yellow blue, magenta green, yellow blue, magenta green, yellow blue, magenta
Steps 0 4 1 3 2 5

The maze is shifted the corresponding number of steps to the left (horizontal shift) or up (vertical shift) repeating itself infinitely in every direction.
The diagram on this page shows the maze in its unaltered position.
Solid lines are walls, dotted lines are passable if the maze is shifted.

Offsets: Left: 0 Up: 0
Rings: 1: Blue 2: Blue 3: Blue 4: Blue

Click the ring color names or press B/W/M/Y/G to change the ring colors.
Press Shift + 1-4 to select a ring.
Press 0-9 to update the Left or Up offset one at a time.
Press L or U to select the Left or Up offset.
Click the offset numbers or use arrow keys or Shift + WASD to shift the maze.
Press Esc or click the document to select none.