On the Subject of Shoddy Chess

Chess Judging™

  • At first, this module will show a number, and a button labelled !!!.
  • After a module is solved, the number will change to a coordinate corresponding to a location on an 8×8 chess board.
  • For each stage you will have to move a piece to the coordinate shown on the module, the piece to move is the current piece in the move queue. If the current piece cannot move, skip to the next piece.
  • Normal Chess rules apply with some exceptions:
    • There is no check or stalemate victory, the goal is to kill the king. This can cause the king to be killed. If this ever happens, press the !!! button and you will be taken to a chess board where you will recreate the chess board after the king had been killed.
    • There is no Castling or "En passant".
    • Pawn only gets promoted to queen.
  • Once all other modules have been solved, and a king has not been taken out, you will be taken to the same 8×8 chess board where you will have to recreate the final board. The king and all other pieces that didn't move will be preplaced.
  • Cycle the pieces using the arrow keys and change color by pressing the display. To clear a piece, hold the display until it turns red, and press the pieces you wish to clear. Then press the display again to exit clear mode.
  • Note that you can't clear any of the initially placed pieces.
  • To submit your answer, press any king.
  • If a pawn reaches the opposite side of the board it will be transformed into a queen. That piece will be continued to be referred as P(#) but will act like a queen. The same applies to the recreation of the board.
  • If the current piece in the queue is dead, skip to the next piece, and if that is dead, skip to the next etc.
  • See appendix Chessboard for a table of the initial state of the board, and every short form's meaning.

*Some modules are ignored by Shoddy Chess modules.

The move queue

  • Take the initial number shown on the module, the left number corresponds to the white move queue and the right number corresponds to the black move queue.
  • However, if there is a "Chess" or a "Lousy Chess" module on the bomb, swap the two move queues.

Go through the move queue from left to right skipping pieces that are dead or cannot move. If you finish a move queue, move to the one below it wrapping around back to 0 if you reach 9.

Use the number obtained above in the corresponding table below:


Q P5 P7 N1 P6 N2 B2 R2 B1 P3 P4 K P1 P2 R1 P8


R2 P2 Q P1 P4 P5 P7 P6 B1 K N1 B2 P8 N2 R1 P3


B2 P1 R1 P6 P4 B1 N1 P7 Q R2 P8 K P5 P3 P2 N2


P1 P7 P3 Q B1 B2 P5 P8 P6 R2 P4 N1 R1 P2 K N2


P8 P5 K R1 P1 P6 P4 Q P7 R2 N1 B2 N2 P2 P3 B1


B1 P7 K P4 B2 P2 P8 N2 P6 P5 R1 P3 N1 R2 P1 Q


N1 P5 P2 Q K P3 P6 R2 N2 P8 R1 P1 B1 P4 P7 B2


N2 P4 R1 P8 P1 K B2 P7 P5 Q R2 P6 N1 P2 B1 P3


P7 P3 B2 P2 P4 K R2 P8 R1 B1 Q N1 N2 P5 P6 P1


P6 P5 Q B1 P7 P2 N1 K N2 R2 R1 B2 P8 P1 P4 P3

Appendix Chessboard: