On the Subject of Shortcuts

There has to be a faster way to do that thing... If only there was a shortcut.

This module features 2 screens and 4 buttons. Press the correct buttons between 10 and 15 times to defuse this module.

The module will ask about shortcuts and what their purpose is. The top screen will show the application in which the shortcut is used and the second screen will show the shortcut itself.

1 of the 4 buttons will have the correct purpose written on top of it, the other 3 will have wrong purposes written on top of them.

When the correct button is pressed, the module will ask about a new shortcut and the buttons change their labels as well.

When a wrong button is pressed, the module will give out a strike and not change.

On the next pages the applications with their shortcuts will be listed, as well as their correct purpose.

Microsoft Word
F1Get help on a selected command
Shift+F1Review text formatting
F2Move text or image
Shift+F2Copy text
F3Insert an autotext entry
Shift+F3Change the case of the selected text
F4Perform last action again
Shift+F4Perform a Find or Go To action again
F5Displays the Go To dialogue box
Shift+F5Move to a previous revision
F6Go to the next frame or pane
Shift+F6Go to the previous frame or pane
F7Launch the Spell Checker
Shift+F7Launch the Thesaurus
F8Extend the current selection
Shift+F8Shrink the current selection
Shift+F9Switch between a field code and its result
F10Show KeyTips
Shift+F10Display a Shortcut Menu
F11Go to the next field
Shift+F11Go to the previous field
F12Open Save As
Shift+F12Save document
Ctrl+ASelects all in the current document
Ctrl+BBold text
Ctrl+CCopies the item or text
Ctrl+DDisplays the Font dialogue box
Ctrl+ESwitch a paragraph between center and left alignment
Ctrl+FDisplays the Find dialog box to search the current document
Ctrl+GDisplays the Go To dialog box to search for a specific location in the current document
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Microsoft Word
Ctrl+HDisplays the Replace dialog box
Ctrl+IItalicize text
Ctrl+JSwitch a paragraph between justified and left alignment
Ctrl+KCreate a hyperlink
Ctrl+LLeft align a paragraph
Ctrl+MIndent a paragraph from the left
Ctrl+NCreate a new document
Ctrl+OOpens a new document
Ctrl+PPrints a document
Ctrl+RSwitch the alignment of a paragraph between left and right
Ctrl+SSaves a document
Ctrl+UUnderlines text
Ctrl+VPastes the copied item or text
Ctrl+XCuts the selected item or text
Ctrl+YRedo the last action
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action
Ctrl+EnterInsert a page break
Ctrl+F2Select Print Preview command
Ctrl+F4Closes the active window
Ctrl+F6Opens the next window if multiple are open
Windows Key+ROpens the Run menu
Windows Key+EOpens Explorer
Alt+TabSwitch between open programs
Windows Key+Up ArrowMaximize current window
Ctrl+Shift+EscOpen Task Manager
Windows Key+FOpen search for files and folders
Windows Key+DHide/display the desktop
Alt+EscSwitch between programs in order they were opened
Alt+LetterSelect menu item by underlined letter
Ctrl+EscOpen Start menu
Ctrl+F4Close active document
Alt+F4Quit active application
Alt+SpacebarOpen menu for active program
Ctrl+Left arrowMove cursor backward one word
Ctrl+Right arrowMove cursor forward one word
Ctrl+Up arrowMove cursor backward one paragraph
Ctrl+Down arrowMove cursor forward one paragraph
F1Open Help menu for active application
Windows Key+MMinimize all windows
Shift+Windows Key+MRestore windows that were minimized
Windows Key+F1Open Windows Help and Support
Windows Key+TabOpen Task view
Windows Key+BreakOpen the System Properties dialog box
Hold right Shift for 8 secondsSwitch FilterKeys on and off
Left Alt+Left Shift+Print screenSwitch High Contrast on and off
Left Alt+Left Shift+Num lockSwitch Mouse keys on and off
Press Shift five timesSwitch Sticky keys on and off
Hold Num lock for 5 secondsSwitch Toggle keys on and off
Internet Explorer
Alt+Left arrowGo back to the previous page
Alt+BackspaceGo back to the previous page
Alt+Right arrowGo to next page
F5Refresh page
F11Toggle between full-screen and regular view
EscStop downloading a page
Ctrl++Zoom in to page by 10%
Ctrl+-Zoom out of page by 10%
Ctrl+EnterAdds www. at the beginning and .com to the end in the Address bar
Ctrl+DAdd the current site to your favorites
Ctrl+IView your favorites
Ctrl+NOpen a new window
Ctrl+PPrint the current page
Ctrl+TOpen a new tab
Ctrl+F4Closes tabs in the background
Ctrl+TabSwitch between tabs
SpacebarClick the notification bar
Shift+SpacebarMove up one page
Alt+Down arrowMove a selected item down the favorites list
File Explorer
EndDisplay bottom of current window
HomeDisplay top of current window
Left arrowCollapse the current selections or select a parent folder
Right arrowDisplay the current selection or select the first subfolder
Windows System
devmgmt.mscdevice manager
msinfo32system information
cleanmgrDisk Cleanup
ntbackupBackup or restore Wizard
mmcMicrosoft Management Console
excelMicrosoft Excel
msaccessMicrosoft Access
powerpntMicrosoft PowerPoint
winwordMicrosoft Word
frontpgMicrosoft FrontPage
msmsgsWindows Messenger
mspaintMicrosoft Paint
wmplayerWindows Media Player
rstruiSystem restore
controlOpens the Control Panel
control printersOpens the printers dialog box
cmdCommand Prompt
iexploreInternet Explorer
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
dhcpmgmt.mscDHCP Management
dnsmgmt.mscDNS Management
eventvwrEvent Viewer
dsa.mscActive Directory Users and Computers
dssite.mscActive Directory Sites and Services
Firefox (Windows)
Alt+Left arrowGo back a page
Alt+Right arrowGo forward a page
F5Reload current page
F11Toggle between full screen and regular screen
EscStop page from loading
Ctrl+EnterComplete a .com address
Shift+EnterComplete a .net address
Ctrl+Shift+EnterComplete a .org address
Ctrl+Shift+DeleteClear recent history
Ctrl+DAdd a bookmark for the current page
Ctrl+Shift+BDisplay available bookmarks
Ctrl+JDisplay the download window
Ctrl+NOpen a new browser window
Ctrl+PPrint current page
Ctrl+TOpens a new tab
Ctrl+WClose the tab
Ctrl+Shift+WClose window
Ctrl+Shift+NUndo the close of a window
Ctrl+Shift+TUndo the close of a tab
Ctrl+TabMoves through each of the open tabs
EndGo to bottom of page
HomeGo to top of page
Firefox (Mac OS)
Command+Left ArrowGo back a page
Command+Right ArrowGo forward a page
F5Reload current page
Command+Shift+FToggle between full screen and regular screen
EscStop page from loading
Command+ReturnComplete a .com address
Shift+ReturnComplete a .net address
Command+Shift+ReturnComplete a .org address
Command+Shift+DeleteClear recent history
Command+DAdd a bookmark for the current page
Command+Shift+BDisplay available bookmarks
Command+JDisplay the download window
Command+NOpen a new browser window
Command+PPrint current page
Command+TOpens a new tab
Command+WClose the tab
Command+Shift+WClose window
Command+Shift+NUndo the close of a window
Command+Shift+TUndo the close of a tab
Ctrl+TabMoves through each of the open tabs
Command+Down arrowGo to bottom of page
Command+Up arrowGo to top of page
Microsoft Excel
F2Edit the active cell
F5Displays the Go To box
F7Open the Spelling dialogue box to check a selected range
F11Create a chart of data in the current range in a separate sheet
Alt+Shift+F1Insert a new worksheet
Shift+F3Opens Insert Function dialogue box
Shift+F5Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box
Ctrl+Shift+:Enter the current time
Ctrl+;Enter the current date
Ctrl+ASelect all content in the worksheet
Ctrl+BBold highlighted selection
Ctrl+IItalicize highlighted selection
Ctrl+KOpen the Insert hyperlink dialogue box
Ctrl+UUnderline highlighted selection
Ctrl+5Apply strikethrough formatting
Ctrl+PBrings up the print dialog box
Ctrl+F9Minimize a workbook window to an icon
Ctrl+F10Maximize a selected workbook window
Ctrl+F6Switch to the next workbook window when multiple are open
Ctrl+Page upMove to previous sheet in a workbook
Ctrl+Page downMove to next sheet in a workbook
Ctrl+TabSwitch to next tab in dialogue box
Ctrl+'Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected
Ctrl+Shift+!Apply the Number format
Ctrl+Shift+$Apply the Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+#Apply the Date format
Ctrl+Shift+%Apply the Percentage format
Ctrl+Shift+^Apply the Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+@Apply the Time format
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Microsoft Excel
Ctrl+Arrow keyMove to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet
Ctrl+SpaceSelect an entire column in a worksheet
Shift+SpaceSelect an entire row in a worksheet
Mac OS
Command+XCut selected text and copy it
Command+CCopy selected text
Command+VPaste copied text
Command+ZUndo previous command
Command+ASelect all items
Command+FOpen Find window to search text
Command+HHide windows of the front app
Command+NOpen a new document or window
Command+OOpen a selected item
Command+PPrint current document
Command+SSave current document
Command+WClose front window
Command+QQuit the app
Command+MMinimize the front window to the Dock
Command+SpaceOpen Spotlight search field
Command+TabSwitch between open apps
Command+BBold selected text
Command+IItalicize selected text
Command+UUnderline selected text
Command+;Find misspelled words in document
Option+Command+EscChoose an app to force quit
Shift+Command+~Switch between open windows
Shift+Command+3Take a screenshot
Fn+Up arrowScroll up one page
Fn+Down arrowScroll down one page
Fn+Left arrowScroll to beginning of document
Fn+Right arrowScroll to end of document
Shift+Command+FOpen All My Files window
Shift+Command+KOpen Network window
Option+Command+LOpen Downloads folder
Shift+Command+OOpen documents folder
Shift+Command+UOpen Utilities folder
Option+Command+DShow or hide the Dock
Shift+Command+NCreate a new folder
Command+DeleteMove selected item to the Trash
Shift+Command+DeleteEmpty Trash
Chrome (Windows)
Ctrl+NOpen new window
Ctrl+TOpen new tab
Ctrl+Shift+TReopen the last closed tab
Ctrl+TabMove to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+TabMove to previous tab
Alt+Left arrowOpen previous page in browsing history
Alt+Right arrowOpen next page in browsing history
Ctrl+WClose current tab
Alt+F4Close current window
Ctrl+Shift+OOpen Bookmarks Manager
Ctrl+HOpen History page
Ctrl+JOpen Downloads page
Ctrl+FOpen Find Bar
Ctrl+PPrint current page
Ctrl+SSave current page
F5Reload current page
Ctrl+DSave current page as a bookmark
F11Toggle full-screen mode
Chrome (Mac OS)
Command+NOpen new window
Command+TOpen new tab
Command+Shift+TReopen the last closed tab
Command+Option+Right arrowMove to next tab
Command+Option+Left arrowMove to previous tab
Command+[Open previous page in browsing history
Command+]Open next page in browsing history
Command+WClose current tab
Command+Shift+WClose current window
Command+Option+BOpen Bookmarks Manager
Command+YOpen History page
Command+Shift+JOpen Downloads page
Command+FOpen Find Bar
Command+PPrint current page
Command+SSave current page
Command+RReload current page
Command+DSave current page as a bookmark
Command+Ctrl+FToggle full-screen mode