On the Subject of Shuffled Strings

Sort it out!

  • When the module activates, you will be presented with one of the 10 strings below, but with the characters shuffled around
  • You will have 50 seconds to put the string in the correct order, which will automatically deactivate the module.
  • To swap two characters, simply click on one and then the other, and they will automatically swap positions
  • Failure to put the characters in the correct order within 50 seconds will incur a strike, which means you're now one step closer to death :)

List of Strings

  • 1234567890
  • ABCDE12345
  • 24680ZYXWV
  • 13579ACEGI
  • 12358KMNQT
  • 2019PQRSTE
  • ABCZYX1230