On the Subject of Silenced Simon

"❖" - Simon.

  • Simon went deaf after the factory explosion of '96 and can't keep track of his volume level.
  • Above Simon is a decibel display that shows his current volume level. Each colored button will alter his decibel display.
  • At no point can you press the same colored button twice in a row.
  • By default, it will add the decibels to the decibel display, but pressing the black segment will subtract instead. Pressing the white one will revert it back to normal.
  • The decibels will start somewhere from 60-69.
  • The decibel display will initially show the tens and ones digit display.
    • After every input, the ones digit will be hidden.
    • Every fifth valid colored input will show both digits.
    • Every tenth valid colored input will show only the ones digit.
    • You cannot exceed the range of 0-99.
  • Each colored button can have any possible value from 1-15 with the following restrictions:
    • One button will have an integer value from 1-3.
    • Two buttons will have an integer value from 4-9.
    • One button will have an integer value from 10-15.
    • There will be no duplicated value.
  • Each segment will make a noise relative to its volume level.
  • Determine the values of each segment and then press the grey segment. Pressing a colored segment will now adjust the number on the segment itself. Set each segment's text equal to the amount of decibels that segment makes and press the grey segment to submit.