On the Subject of Simon Samples

Definitely needs more cowbell.

  • The module consists of a play button, a record button and four sound pads.
  • You can freely play the sound pads as long as you’re not recording.
  • Press the play button to hear the call of the current stage.
  • Press the record button, followed by a sequence of sound pads, to create the required response of the current stage.
  • After passing a stage, the next call will play automatically.
  • If you hit a wrong sound pad during recording, you’ll receive a strike. Recording will stop and you’ll stay at the same stage.
  • In each stage, the call and the requested response will get longer. The repeated part of both call and response never changes. In the rules, call refers to the complete call for that stage. Changes to the response only need to be applied to the newly added part.


  • K = Kick (bass drum, low sound)
  • S = Snare (small drum, sharp short sound)
  • H = Hi-Hat (cymbals, short sound)
  • O = Open Hi-Hat (cymbals, long sound)

Stage 1

Add up all digits in the serial number. Remove 10 until the number is between 0 and 9. If that number is smaller than 5, make the second sound S, or O if it already is. Otherwise, replace H with O and vice versa.

Stage 2

If the call contains one or more O, swap the first two sounds with the second two. Otherwise, reverse the order of the sounds.

Stage 3

If the number of H is 3 or more, make the first sound O. Otherwise, replace K with S and vice versa.