On the Subject of Simon Screams

He’s angry! He’s furious! He’s enraged! He’s had it!

  • This module has six lights colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. These will flash in a sequence that grows longer with each stage. There are 3 stages.
  • At each stage, consider the whole sequence of flashes. In the large table, find the first applicable row and the correct column. From that entry, take the letter in the position corresponding to the current stage and look at its corresponding column in the smaller table.
  • Go through that column from top to bottom and press every color whose condition applies. The colors are (R)ed, (O)range, (Y)ellow, (G)reen, (B)lue, (P)urple, and “#” means “serial number”.
  • Every time the sequence flashes again, your current stage’s input is reset.
≥ 3 indicators Y O G R B P
≥ 3 ports P Y R B O G
≥ 3 digits in # O G B P R Y
≥ 3 letters in # G B O Y P R
≥ 3 batteries R P Y O G B
≥ 3 bat. holders B R P G Y O

Stage 1: first flashing color

Stage 2: second flashing color

Stage 3: third flashing color

red orange yellow green blue purple
If three adjacent colors flashed in clockwise order FFC CEH HAF ECD DDE AHA
Otherwise, if a color flashed, then an adjacent color, then the first again AHF DFC ECH CDE FEA HAD
Otherwise, if at most one color flashed out of red, yellow, and blue DED ECF FHE HAA AFH CDC
Otherwise, if there are two colors opposite each other that didn’t flash HCE ADA CFD DHH EAC FEF
Otherwise, if two adjacent colors flashed in clockwise order CAH FHD DDA AEC HCF EFE