On the Subject of Simon Selects

Why is he smiling at me?

On the module, there are ten buttons: eight of them colored red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and magenta, a center button, and a mute button. Random colors will flash, and every stage, another set of flashes will be added. There are three stages. For stages 2 and 3, only consider the flashes that were added to the sequence when determining what to add to your last stage's answer.

To solve the module, press the correct combination of buttons based on the flashes for each stage. Start with the answer number from the last stage (if you are in the first stage, start with 0) and follow the table below.

Color If this color is flashing...
Red Add 1 to the number.
Orange Add 2 to the number.
Yellow Add 4 to the number.
Green Add 8 to the number.
Cyan Add 16 to the number.
Blue Add 32 to the number.
Purple Add 64 to the number.
Magenta Add 128 to the number.

Take this number and modulo it by 256. Then, subtract the number from 256 (for example, if your number is 1, the number is 256 - 1, or 255). If the number is 256, the number is now 1. This is your answer number for this stage. Press the colors from the table in order to add up to your answer color and press the center button to submit your answer.

You can press a button after it has been selected to deselect it. Selecting a button makes a sound but deselecting does not.

Repeat this process for all three stages.

The mute button when pressed will restart the color sequence, but also mute all sounds until another press is made.