On the Subject of Simon Shrieks

I... I don’t know if I want to do this anymore...

  • Four colors will flash in a sequence. Each subsequent stage adds two more colors. There are three stages.
  • Using the figure on the next page, find the 5×5 square corresponding to the color that flashed first.
  • Use the center of that 5×5 square as your starting point.
  • For each color that follows, move towards the center of that color’s 5×5 square.
    • Move one space at a time.
    • Move in the direction with the greatest amount of spaces between the center of the current position of your 5×5 square, and the center of that color’s 5×5 square.
    • Move only in orthogonal directions (left, right, up or down), except when the amount of spaces in both orthogonal directions is the same; at that point move diagonally.
  • Count the colors in this new 5×5 square. The colors are (R)ed, (B)lue, (G)reen, (Y)ellow, (M)agenta, (C)yan, and (W)hite.
  • Press the colored buttons in the order from least to most occurrences according to the following rules:
    • If the serial number contains a vowel: Only press the colors with an even number of occurrences.
    • If the serial number does not contain a vowel: Only press the colors with an odd number of occurrences.
    • If colors tie on occurrence, press the tied colors in the order of their first occurrence in the 5×5 square in reading order.
  • If the sequence restarts flashing after you have entered a partial answer, your input is reset.
One clockwiseTwo clockwiseThree clockwiseFour clockwiseFive clockwiseSix clockwiseMarked color,from there: