On the Subject of Simon Sings

This manual's wordy, but you're too shy to say it.

See the original manual for the original instructions.

Vowel = start left, No vowel = start right.

CFirst or Last bit.
C♯Second or Third bit.
DIf first of all: Last SN is odd.
Else: Previous bit was 0.
D♯Position = port plates.
EIf plates = 0: Batteries odd.
Else: Position = ports on greatest plate.
FStage number = 3.
F♯Stage number = SN letters - 1.
GIf first in number: Indicators odd.
Else: This number's first key was sharp.
G♯If first stage: Ports odd.
Else: Two consecutive keys in previous stage were sharp.
AIf first stage: Indicators even.
Else: One or both numbers in previous stage < 5.
A♯Another key in this number is F or F♯
BIf number would be prime if this key is a 1.