On the Subject of Simon Smiles

“Hey Simon, wanna see me defuse this bomb?” *Pulls out logfile*

  • This module contains four colored buttons, but all four colored buttons may have a face.
  • If there isn’t a face on the module, you are looking at a different module.
  • To activate the module, press any button.
  • Upon activation, one of three sound effects will be heard, and a potential face will pop up.
  • Once a button is pressed, both the defuser and expert will have 10 seconds to press the next correct button.
  • Use the audio heard, and the button previously pressed in the tables below to find the next button to press.
  • Note down each successful press, as it will be used later.
  • To progress past stage 1, press 10 correct buttons in succession.
  • An incorrect button press on stage 1 will incur a strike and reset all previous inputs.
  • Pressing the status light will emit a sound that plays a medium tone. This can only be done once.

If the pressed color showed a face:

Red Press Blue Press Green Press Yellow Press
Button to press: Low Yellow Red Blue Green
Medium Green Blue Yellow Red
High Blue Red Green Yellow

If the pressed color did not show a face:

Red Press Blue Press Green Press Yellow Press
Button to press: Low Green Yellow Blue Red
Medium Yellow Red Blue Green
High Yellow Green Red Blue
  • Using the string of previously pressed buttons, substitute colors with numbers in RBGY order (0-indexed), and convert that number from base 4 to 10. If the number is less than 7 digits, append zeros to your number until it is 7 digits long.
  • Using the number of batteries and the 7 digit string, associate each number in the sequence to a color, and press each color accordingly.
  • Pressing an incorrect color will incur a strike and flash the sequence.
0-1 Batteries 2-3 Batteries 4-5 Batteries 6+ Batteries
0 Blue 0 Green 0 Yellow 0 Yellow
1 Yellow 1 Red 1 Green 1 Blue
2 Green 2 Yellow 2 Blue 2 Red
3 Red 3 Blue 3 Red 3 Yellow
4 Red 4 Green 4 Yellow 4 Red
5 Blue 5 Red 5 Red 5 Blue
6 Blue 6 Yellow 6 Green 6 Green
7 Green 7 Blue 7 Yellow 7 Red
8 Yellow 8 Blue 8 Blue 8 Yellow
9 Blue 9 Yellow 9 Green 9 Blue

To convert a number from base 4 to 10, multiply all of the digits of your base number by 4 to the power of its 10 minus its position.