Temporary Muting Simon Squawks

Okay. Enough squawking around! It is time for this module to shut up.

  • Refer to the original manual here for the instructions and description.
  • Determine the 2 buttons to press in order by using the column of the first colour that flashed and the row of the second colour that flashed, from the table provided.
  • From the each cell, each letter is an abbreviation of a colour name; Red, Cyan, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White, and Purple are all noted as 'R', 'C', 'G', 'O', 'B', 'Y', 'W', 'P' respectively.
  • Enter the two colour response within 30 seconds to deactivate the module.
  • Entering an incorrect colour will cause a strike and immediately deactivate the module.
1st Colour Flashed
Blue Cyan Green Orange Purple Red White Yellow
2nd Colour Flashed Blue R, B C, B W, G C, W W, W Y, R O, C G, P
Cyan O, O W, W G, C R, P C, R B. C O, W G, G
Green P, P R, R P, C O, O G, G W, P B, B O, R
Orange R, B B, P Y, B O, P C, Y W, R G, O Y, O
Purple Y, R B, Y G, R B, G P, C O, B W, G O, Y
Red O, G Y, Y G. Y O, R W, R C, P G, B W, C
White R, P Y, C W, Y R, C C, C P, B G, O R, B
Yellow B, Y W, P G, W Y, B C, P W, Y P, Y R, O