On the Subject of Simon Stacks

Don't worry Simon! It's not your tax.

This module has 19 hexes which form a hexagon.

Follow the steps below for 3-5 stages to solve the module.

Getting a stage’s solution

  • Some of the hexes will flash, and a single color will be shown on the hexes.
  • The module’s flashed pattern is the result of XOR’ing anywhere from 1-8 patterns in the “Flashed” column of Table HEX (see page 2)
  • Using the color shown on the hexes as the column, obtain cells within that column that is in the same rows as the “Flashed” column
  • XOR all of the obtained cell’s patterns to obtain the solution pattern.


  • To begin submission, press the background, at which the flashing will stop.
  • Press hexes to form the solution pattern obtained from the procedure above.
  • Finally, press the background one more time to submit the current pattern. If the submitted pattern is incorrect, the module will strike. Otherwise, the module will advance to the next stage.

Later stages

  • Start with the submitted pattern in the previous stage.
  • Repeat the steps above using the added flash.

Table HEX

In this table, filled hexes represent 1, while outlined hexes represent 0.

Flashed Red Green Blue Yellow