On the Subject of Simon Stashes

I lived long enough to see myself become the villain.

When this needy module activates, the four pentagonal buttons will fade to various colors, and then start flashing a sequence of two colors, with sequences being separated by the center button flashing.

The first color that flashes corresponds to a character in the serial number:

  • Red: 1st character
  • Green: 2nd character
  • Blue: 3rd character
  • Cyan: 4th character
  • Magenta: 5th character
  • Yellow: 6th character

Take this character and treat it like a base-36 number, converted to base-10. The second color that flashes corresponds to something to multiply this number with.

  • Red: # of batteries
  • Green: # of battery holders
  • Blue: # of indicators
  • Cyan: # of ports
  • Magenta: # of port plates
  • Yellow: Sum of serial # digits

Take the result modulo 16, and convert it to binary. Press the center button to start submitting. Starting with the top-right button corresponding to the most significant bit and going clockwise, if that bit is a 1, select that button, otherwise, don’t press it. Press the center button again to submit.