On the Subject of Somewhat Simplifying Simon Stumbles

Seems easy enough... wait, the colors change? (Also this is more of a thorough explanation than a direct simplification, so don't mind the manual length.)

On the module there are four colored directional buttons as well as a center button, also known as the "stumble" button. To solve the module, you must progress through five stages.

  • To start the module, press the stumble button. Remember the initial colors of the buttons (before starting the module).
  • A sequence of buttons will flash, starting with one flash and lengthening by one each time a stage is completed. Note the color and spoken word for each flash (these stay the same throughout the module).
  • Each flash will correspond to an input of either one colored button, or one colored button followed by the stumble button. A stage completes once all of its inputs are fully completed.
  • Once inputs for a stage have been started, the flashes will stop until the stage is completed or the module is started again after a strike.
  • Entering any input incorrectly will cause the module to strike and your progress through this stage will be reset, but your stage count will not reset. Errors for an input include:
    • Pressing an incorrect colored button
    • Pressing the stumble button when it is not required
    • Proceeding to the next input without pressing the stumble button when it is required
  • (If all colored buttons have been pressed correctly but the stage didn't complete, you forgot to press stumble after the last one.)
  • Whenever the stumble button is pressed, the buttons' colors may change.
  • When this manual refers to a "position", it means the position as measured immediately before doing the input that is being calculated. As a result, it is recommended to calculate and press inputs one at a time to avoid having to redo work after a stumble.

How to Calculate Inputs

  • By default, you must use the table below for each flashing color and its position to get a position to press.
  • If you press the position that flashed or was spoken, the stumble button is required for this input.
  • If the stumble button was not required for this input on this stage, remember the color you pressed for this flash.
  • If a flash has a remembered color, that color must be pressed instead of using the table. Be careful- the stumble button requirements still apply in this case.
  • If the stumble button was required for this input on this stage, delete the remembered color for this flash if it had one.
  • However, if at any point the current colors displayed are the same as the initial colors displayed, press the flashing colors that have not had their inputs pressed yet and press stumble only after the last input. Consider all presses made using this rule (including the last one) to have not required the stumble button, so they become remembered colors.
Position Flashing
Up Left Right Down
Color Red Down Up Right Left
Yellow Right Left Up Down
Green Up Down Left Right
Blue Left Right Down Up

Note: If you strike, the module will display the initial colors. After pressing the stumble button (which must be done to start the module again), you must restart from the beginning of the stage that you were on and use the table for all inputs unless the "However" rule applies. (Remembered colors from before the strike are all deleted.)

Worked Example

Initially displayed colors in reading order: R Y G B

Displayed colors after stumbling to start module: G Y B R

Stage 1 new flash: red, spoken word "up"
Red/Down in table: Left
Input: Y
Remembered colors: Y

Stage 2 new flash: green, spoken word "right"
First flash remembered: Y
Input: Y
Green/Up in table: Up [same position as flashed]
Input: G+stumble

After stumble: Y R B G

Remembered colors: Y -

Stage 3 new flash: red, spoken word "right"
First flash remembered: Y [same position as spoken]
Input: Y+stumble

After stumble: R Y G B

"However" rule applies, remaining input: G R+stumble

After stumble: R B Y G

Remembered colors: - G R

Stage 4 new flash: blue, spoken word "left"
Red/Up in table: Down
Input: G
Second flash remembered: G [same position as flashed]
Input: G+stumble

After stumble: G Y R B

Third flash remembered: R [same position as flashed (and also spoken)]
Input: R+stumble

Worked Example Continued

(Continuing stage 4)

After stumble: Y G B R

Blue/Right in table: Down
Input: R
Remembered colors: G - - R

Stage 5 new flash: yellow, spoken word "down"

First flash remembered: G
Input: G

(The defuser accidentally pressed stumble after pressing green, causing a strike- the initial colors [R Y G B] were displayed again, then the module was started again by pressing stumble once more)

Flashes after restart: identical to flashes before restart
Processed inputs after restart: none
Remembered colors after restart: - - - -
Displayed colors after stumbling to start again: B R Y G

Red/Right in table: Right [same position as flashed]
Input: R+stumble

After stumble: R Y G B

"However" rule applies, remaining input: G R B Y+stumble

(The module solved after the final stumble press)

Remembered colors if the module had more stages: - G R B Y