On the Subject of Simon Stumbles

With the amount of talking he does, this was bound to happen.

On the module there are four colored directional buttons as well as a center button, also known as the "stumble" button. To solve the module, you must progress through the five stages.

  • To start the module, press the stumble button. Note the initial colors of the buttons.
  • For each new flash, or flash that caused you to stumble in the previous stage, use the table below based on the color that flashed and the current position of that color to find the new position to press. Otherwise, press the previously pressed color for that flash.
  • If you press the same color or position that flashed or is stated, you must press the stumble button after that input.
  • However, if at any point the current colors displayed are the same as the initial colors displayed, press the flashing colors and press stumble after the last input. Consider all presses made using this rule to have not required the stumble button.
Position Flashing
Up Left Right Down
Color Red Down Up Right Left
Yellow Right Left Up Down
Green Up Down Left Right
Blue Left Right Down Up

Note: If you strike, the module will display the initial colors. After pressing the stumble button, you must restart from the beginning of the stage that you were on and use the table for all inputs.