On the Subject of Simon Supports

Last meeting we brought up the lack of color within the office. Now the office looks like a Christmas light factory.

This module will display a series of five LEDs, surrounding a large square projector screen. These LEDs represent the tie colors of five of your fellow co-workers, who all happen to be named Simon. The projector screen will show a sequence of three descriptors for a new module, followed by a brief intermission. However, your co-workers are all playing a sick joke on you, and thus you are unable to see the screen.

To disarm the module, correctly offer your accurate opinions on each topic being presented. To do this, press the projector screen when a topic you agree with is being shown to second your agreeing co-workers. Your answer will submit at the end of the sequence. If you agree with none of the topics shown, press the screen during the intermission.

Since the projector can’t be seen, the topics shown must be inferred from the reactions of your co-workers, whose lights will flash whenever an opinion that they agree with is shown. Information on your co-workers’ likes is displayed in the below table.

Once each topic has been determined, use its condition in Table B to determine whether you agree with it.

Employee Information

Name Tie Color Likes
Simon Red Simon, Cruel, Boss, Translated
Simon Blue Simon, Puzzle, Boss, Lookalike
Simon Yellow Simon, Lookalike, Faulty, Cruel
Simon Orange Time-Based, Cruel, Translated, Puzzle
Simon Magenta Faulty, Lookalike, Boss, Puzzle
Simon Green Simon, Time-Based, Lookalike, Cruel
Simon Pink Translated, Faulty, Cruel, Time-Based
Simon Lime Boss, Time-Based, Faulty, Translated
Simon Cyan Lookalike, Translated, Puzzle, Faulty
Simon White Simon, Boss, Puzzle, Time-Based

Table B:

Topic: Agreed with if:
Simon Modules There are two or more batteries
Boss Modules The number of lit indicators equals the number of unlit indicators.
Cruel Modules There is an empty port plate.
Translated Modules The serial number contains a vowel.
Lookalike Modules There are no D batteries.
Faulty Modules There is a parallel or serial port.
Puzzle Modules The last serial number digit is even.
Time-Based Modules The number of batteries is odd.