On the Subject of Simon’s Stages

Simon’s angsty teenage years; in monochrome and causing as much pain as possible... And now revenge is reaching closer than ever.

  • The module shows a stage counter, a colour indicator and ten flashing lights with corresponding buttons underneath.
  • On solving each module*, a 3-5 note sequence will flash, a colour will be displayed on the indicator and the stage counter will increase by one.
  • The lights will flash in one of ten colours (see the below table). A corresponding letter will confirm the colour for the flashed light and another for the colour indicator for that stage.
  • Take note of the sequence and the colour of the indicator. Do not press any buttons during this instance as that will result in a strike.
  • When Simon’s Stages is one of the last solvable modules, the solve counter will go blank and the indicator will emit a steady blink. At this point, the module is now ready to be solved.
  • Input the correct sequence for each stage (from 01 to the last available stage) in accordance with the rules in the table below. The final press of a stage will be signified by a stronger interaction punch upon pressing the button.
Indicator Colour Sequence to Input
(R)ed Exactly the full sequence
(B)lue Full sequence in reverse
(Y)ellow First two colours of the sequence
(O)range First two colours of the sequence in reverse
(M)agenta Last two colours of the sequence
(G)reen Last two colours of the sequence in reverse
(P)ink Colours opposite of the sequence
(L)ime Colours opposite of the sequence in reverse
(C)yan Colours opposite of the first and last colours of the sequence
(W)hite Colours opposite of the third and second colours of the sequence

These indicator colours may not be identical to the module provided. The defuser may call for positions of the flashing lights in the sequence in reading order and the letter for the indicator colour instead if the defuser has colour deficiency.

If you make an error upon completing the entire sequence, a strike will occur.

Each stage where an error occurred will play its sequence continuously. These sequences repeat 5 seconds after the full error sequence has been played. You can start to re-submit over the incorrect sequences after getting the error sequence.

Succesfully inputting the full sequence correctly will disarm the module.

    * By default, Simon’s Stages will ignore some modules such as Forget Me Not, Forget Everything, Souvenir, The Time Keeper, Turn the Key, The Swan and other instances of Simon’s Stages. This behavior may be altered.


Upper Half (R)ed (Blue (Y)ellow (O)range (M)agenta
Lower Half (G)reen (P)ink (L)ime (C)yan (W)hite

The example provided uses the table above. You may not get this combination upon encountering Simon's Stages.

Colours opposite of the sequence refers in respect to the upper and lower halves of the given colours in the same given position on each half.

From the example provided, red is opposite to green, blue is opposite to pink, yellow is opposite to lime, orange is opposite to cyan, and magenta is opposite to white.

So if the colour of the flashing sequence is white, orange, pink, and you needed to input colours opposite in the sequence, you would input magenta, cyan, blue for this condition because magenta is opposite to white, cyan is opposite to orange, and blue is opposite to pink.