On the Subject of Simon

He has no idea what he's doing or why he's here.

Simon is relaxing. Simon does not want to do anything with you. Simon ignores every action that you will do.

However, at a random moment after you solve a module, Simon will freak out. Why? Well, Simon realizes that Simon is in a bomb and Simon does not want that. During Simon’s panic, Simon will flash its buttons very quickly. Simon flashes its buttons to two times the amount of ALL solved modules during Simon’s panic, up to a maximum of 40 flashes*. After flashing the sequence of buttons three times, Simon will stop flashing since Simon does not want to blow off the bomb.

To calm Simon down, undo the flashes that Simon does by pressing the flashes that Simon has performed in order. If you ignore Simon and you solve a module, Simon will get angry and will give you an “X” mark. If you press a wrong button, Simon will panic again and he will give you an “X” mark for making him panic again alongside flashing the button that should have been pressed and the rest of the sequence. If you pressed the correct buttons in order, Simon calms down and relaxes. You made Simon happy and Simon gives you a green light. If he doesn't flash anything while he is panicking, mashing should do the trick (if he didn't show any flashes).

Simon may panic if he is revealed by Mystery Module or if Mystery Module wants Simon to solve. If Organization is present and Simon's exact name is shown on Organization, he will also panic but be unable to give out an "X" mark if you have to ignore him. Both of these will alter how Simon normally reacts when a module is solved. Don't ask why.