On the Subject of SimpSquad

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This module will present you with a small red button.

If there are multiple SimpSquads on the bomb. Only one of these buttons will be red. The rest will be blue.

Solving the blue SimpSquads:

Each blue SimpSquad is linked to another blue SimpSquad. Pressing a blue SimpSquad will solve the module that it is linked to.

Solving the red SimpSquad:

With multiple SimpSquads on a bomb, there will be several “chains”, series of blue SimpSquads that are linked to each other.

To follow a chain, first press a blue SimpSquad and note down which module it solves. Press the button on that module and observe which module it solves. Continue this until the initially pressed SimpSquad is solved.
This will form one chain.

Note that in the event that pressing a blue SimpSquad solves itself, that will still equal a chain of length 1.

To solve the red SimpSquad, first solve all other blue SimpSquads and note down the number of chains within the bomb modulo 100

Press the red SimpSquad when the digits of the bomb’s countdown timer contain this number.

In the event that there is only one SimpSquad on the bomb, there are no chains present, so press the Button when a 0 is present in the countdown timer.

Special thanks to Asew54321, miki2003pl, and Danny7007 for deducing the manual.