On the Subject of Sinks

I’d say bombs have everything but the kitchen sink, but apparently they have that too.

This module will present you with a sink with two knobs: Hot and cold, use the number of batteries to figure out which row in Table A to follow. This row will give you a series of numbers corresponding to the conditions in the numbered list. For each conditional that’s true, turn the knob in the “If true” column. For each conditional that’s false, turn the knob in the “If false” column.

# of batteries Rule Sequence If True If False
0–1 2,1,4 Hot Cold
2–3 3,6,2 Cold Hot
4–5 5,3,1 Cold Hot
6+ 5,6,4 Hot Cold


  1. If there is an unlit NSA indicator
  2. If there is a vowel in the serial number
  3. If the knobs are gold-plated
  4. If the faucet is stainless steel
  5. If the drain pipe is copper
  6. If there is an HDMI or RJ-45 port