On the Subject of Skyrim

Use the power of the Dovahkiin to disarm the module.


  • The module consists of six screens, a select button, cycle buttons and a submit button.
  • To disarm the module, set the correct image in each of the five categories (race, weapon, enemy, home city and dragon shout) in accordance with the below rules.
  • Each category will cycle three of a potential nine images. Select the category to cycle by pushing the relevant screen. Cycle the options in each category using the up and down arrows and push the select button to set the screen.
  • Once you have determined the five images, push the submit button. A strike will be incurred if any of the five are incorrect.

Races, Weapons & Enemies

  • Races, weapons and enemies are calculated in the same way. Once you know the correct column to use in the relevant table, select the highest option that is present on the module.


If battery count < 3... Otherwise, if battery count < 6... Otherwise...
Nord Imperial Dunmer
Khajiit Orc Orc
Breton Redguard Nord
Argonian Altmer Altmer
Dunmer Dunmer Khajiit
Altmer Argonian Breton
Redguard Breton Redguard
Orc Khajiit Imperial
Imperial Nord Argonian


If a Breton is present but not selected... Otherwise, if an Orc is present but not selected... Otherwise, if a Redguard is selected... Otherwise...
Axe of Whiterun Blade of Woe Chillrend Mace of Molag Bal
Dawnbreaker Volendrung Bow of the Hunt Firiniel's End
Windshear Mace of Molag Bal Dawnbreaker Volendrung
Blade of Woe Axe of Whiterun Volendrung Windshear
Firiniel's End Bow of the Hunt Windshear Axe of Whiterun
Bow of the Hunt Chillrend Firiniel's End Blade of Woe
Volendrung Dawnbreaker Axe of Whiterun Dawnbreaker
Chillrend Firiniel's End Mace of Molag Bal Bow of the Hunt
Mace of Molag Bal Windshear Blade of Woe Chillrend


If any bow is selected... Otherwise, if a Daedric weapon is selected... Otherwise, if a non-Daedric sword is selected... Otherwise, if the Axe of Whiterun is selected... Otherwise...
Dragon Priest Frost Troll Draugr Overlord Cave Bear Blood Dragon
Alduin Mudcrab Cave Bear Frost Troll Mudcrab
Mudcrab Frostbite Spider Blood Dragon Frostbite Spider Frostbite Spider
Draugr Overlord Draugr Overlord Mudcrab Blood Dragon Alduin
Draugr Draugr Draugr Draugr Frost Troll
Blood Dragon Dragon Priest Dragon Priest Draugr Overlord Draugr Overlord
Frostbite Spider Cave Bear Alduin Mudcrab Dragon Priest
Frost Troll Blood Dragon Frostbite Spider Alduin Cave Bear
Cave Bear Alduin Frost Troll Dragon Priest Draugr

Home Cities

  • Each race will have one of two de-facto home cities, depending on the conditions in the below table. However, it is possible they may be from a nearby city instead.
  • If the de-facto home city is not present on the module, use it as the start point and travel the map clockwise until you reach a city that is present on the module.
Nords are from Windhelm. UNLESS an Argonian is present, then... Nords are from Whiterun.
Khajiits are from Rorikstead. UNLESS a Frost Troll is present, then... Khajiits are from Ivarstead.
Bretons are from Riverwood. UNLESS the Blade of Woe is selected, then... Bretons are from Dawnstar.
Argonians are from Dawnstar. UNLESS a Draugr Overlord is selected, then... Argonians are from Markarth.
Dunmer are from Rorikstead. UNLESS a Mudcrab is present, then... Dunmer are from Solitude.
Altmer are from Solitude. UNLESS Windshear is selected, then... Altmer are from Riverwood.
Redguards are from Markarth. UNLESS a Daedric weapon was not present, then... Redguards are from Windhelm.
Orcs are from Ivarstead. UNLESS a Cave Bear is selected, then... Orcs are from Winterhold.
Imperials are from Winterhold. UNLESS Volendrung is present, then... Imperials are from Rorikstead.

Dragon Shouts

  • A dragon shout (or Thu'um) is selected in a similar way to the home city.
  • Use the below table to determine the starting shout.
If the first character of the serial number is a letter and the enemy is... Otherwise, if the first character of the serial number is an odd digit and the enemy is... Otherwise, if the first character of the serial number is an even digit and the enemy is... Starting Shout
Draugr Overlord Draugr Alduin Unrelenting Force
Frost Troll Dragon Priest Mudcrab Disarm
Blood Dragon Mudcrab Cave Bear Ice Form
Frostbite Spider Frost Troll Draugr Overlord Whirlwind Sprint
Dragon Priest Alduin Blood Dragon Dragonrend
Mudcrab Draugr Overlord Draugr Dismay
Cave Bear Blood Dragon Frostbite Spider Fire Breath
Draugr Cave Bear Dragon Priest Kyne's Peace
Alduin Frostbite Spider Frost Troll Slow Time
  • If the starting shout is not present on the module, follow the wheel clockwise until you reach a shout that is present on the module.
  • The shouts are orientated the same way as the name.
Name Common Tongue Translation Name Common Tongue Translation
Disarm zun - haal - viik Kyne's Peace kaan - drem - ov
Dismay faas - ru - maar Slow Time tiid - klo - ul
Dragonrend joor - zah - frul Unrelenting Force fus - ro - dah
Fire Breath yol - toor - shul Whirlwind Sprint wuld - nah - kest
Ice Form liz - slen - nus
  • Instances of double letters in the common tongue do not translate into the dragon language.

Skyrim: A Beginner's Guide

  • The below tables can be used as a reference guide to the things you may encounter in Skyrim.
Axe of Whiterun

Enchanted axe
Blade of Woe

Dark Brotherhood dagger
Bow of the Hunt

Hunting bow

Glass sword

Daedric sword
Firiniel's End

Elven bow
Mace of Molag Bal

Daedric mace

Daedric warhammer

Enchanted sword
Blood Dragon
Cave Bear
Dragon Priest
Draugr Overlord
Frost Troll
Frostbite Spider
Home Cities

Appendix SK75