On the Subject of The Small Circle

Honey, I shrunk the module!

  • This module contains 8 colored wedges arranged in a circle that is spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Initially, the wedges can be pressed without consequence, provided they are not held down when the timer changes.
  • One of the wedges will make a different sound than the others when pressed.
  • Note the color of this wedge, then hold any wedge for over a second. This will cause the colors to fade out, then fade back into a new permutation.
  • This permutation will be the same as the previous one, but shifted 1-8 places in the opposite direction the circle is spinning.
  • Consult the table below using the amount the sequence shifted as the row and the color from before as the column to obtain 3 instructions, which can be interpreted using the directions below the table to get a sequence of 3 colors to press and disarm the module.
  • Press the status light to fully reset the module.
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Magenta White Black
1 A, D, F F, B, G D, E, F F, C, E G, C, H G, E, B B, C, E B, A, C
2 C, F, B F, H, D E, A, B H, G, B H, D, E A, G, D E, D, H F, G, A
3 C, B, A H, C, E D, E, A E, F, B F, A, H C, F, H E, A, F F, A, C
4 A, E, C C, B, F G, C, B A, F, D E, H, G A, E, F A, G, F E, G, H
5 G, E, B A, C, H E, H, A C, D, B E, F, D D, G, H B, D, E F, G, D
6 F, E, C G, B, C D, F, C F, G, H A, C, F D, G, H D, G, F F, E, H
7 G, F, C B, C, E B, F, C H, F, D A, D, B G, C, D G, B, H A, G, E
8 A, G, H H, D, B D, G, F A, G, D E, D, G A, G, F F, G, C F, B, E
  • A: If red is adjacent to yellow or white, green, otherwise magenta.
  • B: If orange is opposite to magenta or black, blue, otherwise red.
  • C: If yellow is adjacent to no secondary colors (orange, green, and magenta), black, otherwise orange.
  • D: If the shorter number of wedges between green and the color used in the table is less than the number of batteries, white, otherwise yellow. *
  • E: If blue has already been pressed, orange, otherwise black.
  • F: If magenta has not been pressed yet, blue, otherwise white.
  • G: If white is adjacent to a primary color (red, yellow, and blue), yellow, otherwise magenta.
  • H: If the longer number of wedges between black and the color used in the table is greater than the last digit of the serial number, red, otherwise green. *

* If these are the same wedge, use 0.