On the Subject of Snack Attack

Experimental gameplay is in command. Also, food is in stock.

You are presented with a game called Snack Attack. It was made by an anonymous person.

Pressing the module will cause the game to perform a cycle.

During each cycle tick, the center part of the game will show one of the 57 foods located below. Also, a caution sign will show on each food that will appear. The caution sign will either be on the left, middle, or right side of the game. This will indicate the position of where that said food will arrive.

The cycle will show 15 food portions that will arrive at the game. The cycle is also in the proper position on which food will arrive first, so you don't need to mess with that.

After the first cycle was performed. A new button will appear alongside the title of the game. You can keep performing the cycle as much as you like. If you want to proceed to the input section of the game, press the NEXT button located below the title.

Input Gameplay

When you arrive here, you will be presented with the image shown on this page. The number on the big display (which is the command input) will always show a 1.

You can change the number being shown by the command input by pressing the arrows which do not contain a border. Pressing left will subtract 1, and pressing right will add 1. The minimum number for the command input is 1, and the maximum number for the command input is 45.

During input gameplay, you must adjust the player that is going to be controlled during the real gameplay by giving the inputs right here.

The arrival of each food will happen during numbers 1, 4, 7, etc. The placement of said food will be based on the placement shown during the cycle.

The table below will show how each bordered buttons (when highlighted) will do during the real gameplay:

If the player can move left, the player will move left. Otherwise, the player will not move at all.
The player will not move at all. This is also the same effect when there is nothing highlighted on a command number.
If the player can move right, the player will move right. Otherwise, the player will not move at all.
R The color of the player will change based on the letter shown. You can keep pressing the border after initially pressing it to change the letter that is shown. (R - Red, G - Green, B - Blue)

When you press another border, if you did not select the highlighted one again, it will cause the highlight to change to the selected border.

The table below will show how what food can be eaten during certain colors:


List Form:

Red Green Blue
Waffles Turnip Green Pepper
Fish Steak Marmalade Brownie
Olive Whiskey Fish Fillet
Cookie Eggs Sausages
Apple Bacon Pickle
Lemon Pie Shrimp Watermelon
Jam Pineapple Cheese
Tomato Apple Pie Red Pepper
Chicken Leg Jerky Beer
Tart Sushi Bread
Honey Sake Dragon Fruit
Peach Ribs Sardines
Fish Pretzel Wine
Roll Onion Moonshine
Honeydew Honeycomb Cherry
Stein Steak Chicken
Pepperoni Kiwi Potato
Cantaloupe Avocado Eggplant
Strawberry Sashimi Pumpkin Pie

During real gameplay, you will have 3 moves to catch each food being dropped. Each food will initially appear on top. Each input (or lack of input) will cause the food to drop one level lower. The movement of the player is prioritized more than the movement of the food. When starting on the real gameplay, the player will always start on the bottom center of the screen, and the player will always start with the color red.

Using the info provided during the cycle plus the info given above, adjust the player's position/color so that each food will be caught while the player is in the correct color state to do so. After each catch, you will retain your position/color, so you must adjust to catching the next food based on those factors.

Real Gameplay

To arrive in this state, you must press the command input two times.

You are unable to interact with the module during this state.

During real gameplay, the game will simulate the player's movement based on the inputs that you have given previously.

If a portion of food was uncaught, or the player caught a portion of food that is not possible to be eaten during the circumstance, the game will alert you to that error. The game will then give you a GAME OVER screen. After that, the game resets and the module that emulates it strikes you.

If you managed to catch all the food being dropped, you would win the game. After a short moment, the game will give you a YOU WIN screen. After that, the module that emulates it performs a solve for you.