On the Subject of Snakes and Ladders

To the two of you that grew up playing 'Chutes and Ladders' instead: how boring was that game?

Use the table below to determine which spaces on a Snakes and Ladders board to select to move across the board. You will start at the square numbered 1. When you press a square correctly, you will move 0-9 spaces forward depending on the last digit of the number of seconds remaining on the bomb when the square was pressed (and you move farther forward if you land on the bottom of a ladder and downwards if you land on the head of a snake). When you press a square incorrectly, a strike will occur. If you land on a square you have already been on, you will move automatically. When you land on the 100 square, the module will be solved.

Red Yellow
If square # is between...
34-44 89-99 12-22
23-33 45-55 67-77
78-88 56-66 N.O.T.A.
If square #'s tens digit is...
8 2 6
3 5 7
4 9 N.O.T.A.
Green Blue
If square #'s ones digit is...
5 3 7
9 4 2
6 8 N.O.T.A.
If square # is divisible by...
11 10 5
8 6 4
3 2 N.O.T.A.
(Use the first one in reading order)

Reading the Table:

Use the color of the square currently under the status light to find the correct rule and 3x3 grid (if the color is too hard to see, hover over the square and the color will appear on the 100 square). The square currently under the status light will satisfy the rule in one of the cells in the 3x3 grid.

Treating the middle cell as if it's the square with the status light, the correct square to press is the one in the space of the cell that satisfies the rule, looping around if necessary.


If the current square was a Green 8, the true cell is the one south of the middle cell in the 3x3 grid, so the square south of the current square must be pressed (since it's an 8 it would loop around the grid to square 93).

'N.O.T.A.' stands for 'none of the above'.