On the Subject of Snooker

Who knew there was so much maths in snooker?

  • The module consists of a snooker table containing between eight and ten red balls and six colours.
  • To disarm the module, clear the table in exactly four breaks (a break is the score you achieve in a single visit to the table). The breaks must equal the given breaks at the bottom of the table and be performed from left to right.
  • There may be more than one correct answer.
  • Getting a ball into a pocket is called "potting". Click on a ball to pot it.
  • After each legal pot, the referee will announce your current break.
  • To end a break, press the cue (white) ball.
  • Standard snooker rules apply:
  • Whilst reds are available, the order of potting must alternate between a red and a colour. Colours potted immediately after a red will be replaced.
  • Always start a break with the lowest scoring ball available. You may end the break at any time. Ending a break with a red pot negates the need to follow with a colour.
  • After potting the final red, clear the colours in ascending point order.
  • If you do not end your break after potting the final red, you MUST pot a colour BEFORE proceeding to clear the table. This colour will be replaced.
  • Potting an illegal ball, ending with an incorrect break or ending your fourth break without clearing the table will result in a foul and a strike.
  • Fouling will reset the table and recalculate new breaks.
  • When the table has been cleared with the four correct breaks, the module will disarm.
Colour Point Value
Red 1
Yellow 2
Green 3
Brown 4
Blue 5
Pink 6
Black 7