On the Subject of Soulscream

On the module, there are 7 buttons, labeled A, E, I, O, U, X, and H.

Upon every stage, it generates a 5 digit number.

To obtain the soul for each stage, first convert each digit of the number to binary individiually.

Join this into one sequence, and then divide into segements of 3, looping the sequence where nessesary.

Convert this back to decimal, until:

  • A 0 is reached.
  • You have 11 numbers.

Using the order XAHUEOI, convert the numbers into letters where X is 1.

Upon solving a module, instead of generating a stage, it begins a 5 minute countdown.

During this countdown, the module is deactivated, and any solves add 2 minutes to the timer.

Upon this number reaching 0, it will generate the next stage.