On the Subject of Soulscream

At least this soul doesn't become undefined after a while

On the module, there are 7 buttons, labeled A, E, I, O, U, X, and H.

Upon every stage, it generates a 5 digit number.

To obtain the soul for each stage, first convert each digit of the number
to 4 bits of binary individiually.

Join this into one sequence, and then divide into segements of 3, looping the sequence where nessesary.

Convert each group back to decimal, until either:

  • A '0' is reached. or
  • You have 11 numbers.

Using the order XAHUEOI, convert the numbers into letters where X is 1.

Upon solving a module, instead of generating a stage, it begins a 2 minute countdown.

During this countdown, the module is deactivated, and any solves add 30 seconds to the timer.

Upon this number reaching 0, it will generate the next stage.