On the Subject of Soulsong

At least this song doesn't become undefined after a while.

On the module, there are 10 buttons, with the digits from 0 to 9 as labels.

Upon every stage, it generates a 6 digit number.

The module then inverts this string using the 4-digit binary representation of that number (1001 -> 0110).

It then takes the binary representation of those 6 numbers, then splits them into sets of 3.

Then, using the order XAHUEOI, the module converts the numbers into letters where X is 1. If there were to be a 0, it would be represented as !.

The input for each stage is the original 6 digit number generated.

Upon solving a module, instead of generating a stage, it begins a 2 minute countdown.

During this countdown, the module is deactivated, and any solves add 30 seconds to the timer.

Upon this number reaching 0, it will generate the next stage.